If you’ve heard the advice “buy term life insurance and invest the difference” you have been fooled. In this episode Kim Butler helps us understand the role term insurance plays in our financial game plan, the different types of insurance and how much to get. You’ll also hear a shocking strategy that is invaluable for anyone that has surprising health needs that come up.

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Show Notes

  • 0:43 – When should you get term life insurance
  • 1:24 – The role term insurance plays in your life
  • 2:02 – Understanding human life value
  • 4:42 – Why it’s crazy to follow the advice of buy term and invest the difference
  • 7:03 – How term insurance saves your health… this is invaluable!
  • 8:42 – The different types of term insurance
  • 11:38 – What you have to do to switch from term to whole life insurance
  • 13:06 – Different levels of term insurance

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Why it’s crazy to follow the advice of buy term life insurance and invest the difference Click To Tweet How your Human Life Value tells you how much term life insurance you should buy. Click To Tweet


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