The Difference Between Economics and Politics (and Why it Matters)

P4P-020-SticktoYourEconomicGunsDaring to be “politically incorrect,” Kim Butler and Todd Strobel attempt to break down the stigmas between economics and politics. Obamacare and the language of economics are discussed, along with the challenge of having honest and open conversations about economics. Is there any room for political correctness in economics? How are Todd’s economic discussions affecting his dating life? Find out in today’s episode of the Prosperity Podcast!

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[1:40] Consequential Discussions

[2:51] The Science of Economics VS the Art of Politics

[4:22] A Change in Vernacular

[5:13] Building Wealth

[6:57] Are we exchanging Wealth for Freedom?

[8:20] The Fifth Principle of Prosperity: Control

[9:06] Obamacare and Todd’s experience purchasing health insurance for employees

[12:15] The First Principle of Prosperity: Think

[13:30] Bring it Back to Economics

[14:18] Ebook giveaway to our listenings: Financial Planning Has Failed

[15:12] Outro

[16:19] Epilogue


Instead of using the word ‘government’ we should say ‘taxpayers’ because it clarifies that the government only has money through our taxes. Click To Tweet Wealth creation begins with skin in the game. When wealth is given to us, it is very temporary. Click To Tweet


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