Afro-American girl and American flag, isolated on whiteIt’s a close race and tense day for many Americans. Who am I voting for? I’m voting for you, of course!

I’m voting for each and every one of us to raise our level of happiness, kindness, and prosperity – regardless of who is in the White House or which party controls Congress.

Perhaps you’ll be pleased with the outcome of the election today, and perhaps not. But let’s not fall into the trap of believing that as individuals, we are powerless to control our own destiny.

By following the seven steps below, you’ll be “voting” for yourself to have an abundant next four years… and a prosperous life!

  1. Stay healthy.

Health is true wealth, so eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, get your sleep, manage your stress, and take high-quality supplements… they’re an investment in your health! Your health is not determined by the existence (or the eradication) of Obamacare. Be proactive to be the healthiest “you” possible.

It is estimated that many Americans will spend over a quarter million dollars in healthcare as they age, yet few are prepared to pay those kinds of bills! We should all save for our future, but even better, stack the deck in your favor by taking excellent care of yourself.

Prioritize health, develop healthy habits, and practice an attitude of gratitude to increase your odds of wealth and wellness. For those other times… insurance can come in very handy, so consider if you have adequate health, life, long-term care, and disability insurance.

  1. Find and do work you love for as long as you can.

workDon’t settle for work you merely endure for the sake of a paycheck. Sure, you may have to work your way up, get more training or education, or perhaps hire a mentor. You may even want to work with my sister, Tammi Brannan (see to help you discover work you are passionate about! It can take some experimenting to find the work that suits you best, but it is worth it to be able to spend your precious time doing something that is rewarding for you.

Finding work you love also changes the conversation around retirement, because no one wants to stop doing things they love! Consider:

  • starting a post-retirement business,
  • monetizing a hobby you enjoy,
  • volunteering for organizations you believe in,
  • and/or becoming a freelancer who can work from anywhere.

Economically and socially, it does not generally work well to retire at 65, an arbitrary age that was determined to be the “age of retirement” back during the Great Depression. When the Social Security Act was put into place, jobs were incredibly scarce and people did not live nearly as long. And while forcing elders into retirement may have freed up some jobs in the 1930s, it does not work well today.

A prosperous nation is one in which every individual is offering their greatest gifts, and staying productive. So don’t plan on retiring, just plan on enjoying more flexibility, freedom, and travel as you age so that you can check items off of your “bucket list”!

  1. Save more money.

prosperity-ladder-biggerWe developed the Prosperity to show the relationship between our actions and our personal economies.

As this simple paradigm illustrates, WORK is the action that takes a person from poverty (or dependence on parents) to subsistence.

Of course, living paycheck to paycheck is no recipe for prosperity! So we must SAVE to get from subsistence to comfort. We recommend saving 20% of your earned income.

Then, to become truly prosperous, we must take the next step on the ladder…

  1. Build ownership.

Wealth is all about ownership, and the action of OWNING assets is what allows you to progress from comfort to prosperity.

Ownership increases your control, whether it is

  • owning a business that cannot fire you,
  • owning a life insurance policy that cannot lapse, or
  • owning a home that you control, rather than your landlord.

Look and see how you can build more equity and ownership.

  1. Take responsibility.

vote2If I had a magic wand, I would wave it to make attitudes of entitlement disappear across this country of ours! We truly do live in the land of opportunity, and yet, too many Americans are focused on what “the government” can do for them. The truth is that “government” funding is actually just you and me, the taxpayers!

Economist/ philosopher/ columnist Thomas Sowell said it well when he asked, “What is your ‘fair share’ of the money that someone else has worked for?” While there will always be those among us who need temporary assistance, often through no fault of their own, we must resist the temptation to believe that we are “owed”  handouts.

For a nation to be more prosperous, we have to become more prosperous as individuals. The wealth of the nation is the collective wealth of its citizens, not the other way around. Therefore, take responsibility for yourself, and consider helping others in need by supporting worthy organizations and charities.

  1. Practice Prosperity Economics.

Many of the financial struggles of Americans come down to one simple thing: a flawed strategy.

We’re told to invest our dollars (forget saving first) into mutual funds within 401(k)s that will roller-coaster-ride according to the stock market. Saddled with multiple fees, future taxes, rules and penalties should we need our money before age 59-1/2, qualified retirement plans are a better deal for Wall Street firms and the government than for us.

We believe that financial planning doesn’t work… it’s a broken model that gives us a false sense of security. So what should we do instead?

We’ve outlined the solution in Financial Planning Has Failed, an ebook that is part of our complimentary Prosperity Accelerator Pack. The Accelerator Pack resources outline The 7 Principles of Prosperity™ and how we help our clients get the most out of their cash, grow their investments in any economy, and turn their assets into reliable streams of cash flow, earning high single digit and low double digit returns.

  1. Be a leader.

Be a leaderDuring the course of this election, anyone tuning into the news (which I habitually avoid) has heard a lot of blame.… What he or she did or didn’t do that they should or shouldn’t have… Who’s fault it is that things aren’t the way they should be… etc. etc.

Rather than focusing on the negative, give yourself a vote of confidence and be the change you wish to see in the world, to quote Mahatma Gandhi. Don’t join with the finger pointers and wait for others to fix things. See how YOU can make a difference, and dare to make it.

  • Start a club or host a meetup group.
  • Start a blog.
  • Begin a movement. (I did… The Prosperity Economics Movement.)
  • Mentor someone.
  • Create something beautiful.
  • Put some skin in the game.

Election In United States Of America - Voting At The Ballot BoxAnd remember character counts. Who you are when nobody is watching is who you actually are, so be proud of that person.

We trust you won’t forget to vote, but even more importantly, remember that only you determine your success. Not your mayor, your governor, your Congress or even your President.

Of course, give us a call if we can help! We appreciate your vote of confidence.