How Old is “Too Old” for Life Insurance? Understanding Life Insurance Rates of Return, Insurability, and Insurable Interest

P4P-019-TheFactsofLifeInsuranceOn today’s episode of the Prosperity Podcast, Kim Butler and Todd Strobel analyze whole life insurance rates of return for different age brackets. Surprisingly, this reveals that “you’re never too old for life insurance!” The current net rate of return is discussed.

Finally, if you do not qualify for life insurance due to health or lifestyle risk factors, have you considered the alternatives to insuring yourself? There are ways to be the policy owner without having to qualify for life insurance if you can establish an insurable interest in someone else, such as a child, grandchild, business partner or key employee.

Kim and Todd also discuss something she is very proud of: Kim’s daughter, Kaylea Butler has released a book, Every Day is A Miracle: Lessons from Susan Rammekwa.. The book be purchased on <>

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[1:51] How old is too old for life insurance?

[2:32] Life insurance and you

[3:53] What is internal rate of return?

[5:14] Never judge insurance by its cover

[6:35] The value of life insurance in today’s world

[8:01] The “Golden Years” of life insurance

[10:31] How lifestyle affects insurability

[13:51] Alternative ways to take advantage of life insurance

[14:34] Buy insurance for your adult children

[16:50] The three components to taking out insurance on others

[19:21] Outro

[21:08] Financial Planning Has Failed

[22:01] Epilogue


For more about creative ways to benefit from life insurance before you die, read Kim’s best-selling little insurance book, Live Your Life Insurance.
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