Best selling author Kim Butler and No B.S. Money Guy Todd Strobel talk about how to choose a life insurance policy. One thing you’ll learn: assets aren’t everything.

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Kim Butler’s book: Busting the Life Insurance Lies

Kim Butler’s book: Live Your Life Insurance

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Show Notes

[00:00] Intro
[00:45] Topic: Two investors try to make a decision
[01:55] Mutual life insurance companies by law must return 100% of their profits to their owners
[05:37] Assets can be irrelevant
[06:40] Most important to know: Whether a company is mutual or not, and how long they’ve been in business
[08:04] Higher premium equals higher contribution to cash value
[09:27] State approved policy design
[10:00] Long term, all mutual companies will be the same
[11:03] Is there much of a difference on state to state for premiums?
[13:17] The three most important things to note
[14:21] Direct recognition
[15:10] Truth Concepts post on direct recognition – also see Busting the Life Insurance Lies!
[15:27] Kim’s books: Busting the Life Insurance Lies, Live Your Life Insurance
[17:21] Kim doesn’t just give answers but teaches you to ask the right questions


Kim doesn’t just give answers but teaches you to ask the right questions. Click To Tweet Top three questions you should ask an insurance agent when deciding on a policy. Click To Tweet


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