“You can be creating or complaining, but never both at the same time.”
-Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach

Between the two of them, Joe Polish of I Love Marketing and the Genius Network and Dan OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASullivan, entrepreneur mentor and founder of Strategic Coach, have mentored and masterminded with a “who’s who” list of entrepreneurs including:

  • Sir Richard Branson (Virgin companies)
  • Tim Ferris (4 Hour Workweek)
  • Bill Phillips (Body for Life)
  • Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula)
  • Peter Diamandis (X Prize Foundation)

And while the two of them are masters in entrepreneurial STRATEGIES and HABITS, in the conversation posted below they discuss the absolute necessary foundation of success: our ability to THINK from a prosperous, abundant mindset. (This is also the first of our 7 Principles of Prosperity, which you can learn more about in our Prosperity Accelerator Pack,  our gift to you.)

Abundance vs. Scarcity: Which neighborhood are you living in?

You’ve probably heard of TED Talks and “TedX Talks,” but this week, we share a “10X Talk” from Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan in the video/ audio recording below. In it they discuss the critical importance of your thinking and also your connections. Who are you spending time with, working with, brainstorming with, growing your business with, and how do they think?

Sullivan says there are three personal characteristics that are the foundation of success:

  • Gratitude – they are grateful people that truly appreciate the good in their lives.
  • Creativity – they are good at creating or, as Steve Jobs calls it, “putting things together” that did not exist before.
  • Cooperation – they have the ability to put things together with others who are equally grateful and creative!

These three characteristics lead to opportunity, ingenuity, and exponential capabilities and results. This is how 20-somethings are able to create enormous, successful businesses such as Google or Facebook that change how things are done. However, as Sullivan notes, if people stop being grateful, creative and cooperative, success can be lost just as quickly.

Sullivan describes how he has defined his own “neighborhood” by choosing who he wants to work with (successful entrepreneurs) and the qualities that must characterize their thinking. “They have to be gratitude, creative and cooperative or I don’t want to deal with them.”

Discussing the opposite, Joe Polish names some of the characteristics of thinking and being in the “scarcity neighborhood”: zero sum thinking, depleted, unfairness, envy, guilt, anger, indignation.

Sullivan asserts that the number one way of thinking that will keep someone in the scarcity neighborhood is envy. “Envy produces nothing but bad results – it kills all gratitude. They are mutually exclusive… You can’t be grateful and envious at the same time. If you’re envious you’re not going to be grateful, if you’re grateful, you’re not going to be envious.”

Envy is typically partnered with guilt (if you are envious of those you perceive as having better abilities conditions, or circumstances than you, you’ll feel guilty when you have abilities, conditions and circumstances that others don’t have). Both envy and guilt are characterized by anger, anger at the world or anger (perhaps buried) at yourself, which is a business-destroyer (unless you are in the business of psychiatry!)

But fear not, by focusing on Gratitude, Creativity and Collaboration, envy, guilt and anger will not be able to take root in your thinking and habits.

Is there an app for that? Yes there is! Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish also discuss the WinStreak app that helps people stay in gratitude and focused on their next results by celebrating and planning their biggest wins. You can find out more about WinStreak and get it here for free.

Listen to the conversation below in this video/ interview recording of Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan:

Below is a “sketch” of the conversation, we share it compliments of (and with permission from) Strategic Coach.



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