Prospering in the Post-Election World

Who will be in the White House in 2021? At this writing, the definitive answer is uncertain! However, we can be certain of our own success using the fundamental principles that would apply in ANY circumstance.

Yes, some things change if there is a “changing of the guard.” Taxes may be raised or lowered. Regulations and incentives might shift. But the game of success usually doesn’t change as much as we think it might. (And with Republicans gaining ground in the house and likely maintaining control of the senate, a Biden-Harris win might NOT mean sweeping changes.) 

I attended Peter Diamandis‘s Abundance 360 event shortly after the last presidential election, just before Donald Trump was inaugurated. “A360,” as we refer to it, is an event that attracts business leaders and thought leaders. It is attended by CEOs, entrepreneurs, and change makers. (I sometimes feel quite humbled by the company—and I love attending because it keeps me on my toes!)

That year, in January 2017, I recall a brief conversation about politics in the seminar. As participants, we had been asked what topics would interest us for a future event. Many ideas were thrown out about mindset, technology, innovation, and how to lead in a changing world.

One participant suggested that we discuss the changing political environment and how businesses might respond to it. And this turned out to be the absolute LEAST favorite topic suggested by the crowd! It was clear these business leaders found politics to be rather irrelevant to their success.

changing political environment

Regardless of who sits in the White House next year, the principles of prosperity and success do not change. As businesses and as individuals, our aim is the same: to offer value to others. If serving or solving problems remains your focus, good results should follow. If we keep the main thing the main thing… we will be able to prosper in any environment.

Patrick Donohoe of the Wealth Standard podcast, also a partner with my husband Todd Langford and me in our non-profit, the Prosperity Economics Movement, interviewed me recently for his podcast. While recorded a few months ago, the themes are perfect for this post-election conversation! Some of the things we discussed included:

How I found my passion for personal finance early. (With the help of a milk cow!)

The importance of MINDSET and focusing on what you can CONTROL.

The importance of MINDSET and focusing on what you can CONTROL.

Recognizing that you don’t have to participate in the dramas or even the recessions that others are experiencing!

You also don’t have to do business the same way as everyone else. (The Kolbe profile and also my sister Tammi and her BluePrint Process work have both helped me find my own way.)

The importance of HABITS. My mentor Dan Sullivan says, “You are 100% disciplined to your current set of habits.”

Having a VISION for the future you want. There’s no such thing as “coasting” or maintenance. You are either growing or dying!

Patrick and I also discussed the value of embracing new environments—even when it is uncomfortable!

And we share more nuggets as well. Patrick is an influential leader in his own right and a great interviewer. I encourage you to watch/listen to the whole video!

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—Kim Butler and Kate Phillips