The Importance of Opening a Dialogue About Your Assets, Medical Wishes, and More

P4P023-PlanningForGoingFromWeToMeKim Butler and Todd Strobel discuss the importance of having meaningful conversations. They discuss the importance of keeping partners involved, informed, and prepared in case of an untimely crises or other changes.

The Big D’s such as Death, Divorce, Debt, and Documents stage on today’s episode of the Prosperity Podcast. How can you prepare for the unexpected? Find out on today’s show!

Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[1:15] How to Prepare for Crises – Communication is KEY!

[4:13] Put it on Paper – is a great resource, Quickbooks,

[7:15] Dealing With “The Problem” – What happens when one spouse doesn’t want the other to know?

[10:46] Pro-activity in Emergencies. – Use

[13:33] Permission to Spend

[15:43] Financial Planning Has Failed

[16:36] Keep Sending Questions

[17:15] Wrap-Up

[17:39] Outro


The biggest, most important first step is to have a conversation. Have you taken the time to talk about the “what-if’s” in life? Click To Tweet Know that you can provide value to family members if you ask them to have meaningful conversations with you. Click To Tweet There’s nothing wrong with one person paying the bills, but both people should be knowledgeable about what you assets and liabilities are. Click To Tweet




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