Personal Finance: Sharing the Best of the Web!

We are committed to educating you about personal finance with this blog and also the Prosperity Podcast. And today, we are bringing you the best of the web—articles we love from other blogs and publications!

We’re sharing resources on educating your children about money, how to grow your cash in a low-interest environment, and a view on hedge fund manager Bill Ackman’s suggestion for the government to “invest” for Americans.

We trust you will enjoy these resources as much as we did!

Educating Children about Money

Educating Children about Money

FEE is the Foundation for Economic Education, and their website is a fantastic resource! They publish helpful, timely articles about economics, entrepreneurship, politics, culture and education. FEE also puts on great events for high school students and young adults.

Our first article is from that shares some great age-appropriate ideas for teaching children about money:

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Growing Cash when Interest Rates are Low

Growing Cash when Interest Rates are Low

Second, we’re sharing a surprising article from Kiplinger’s, a popular personal finance magazine. It is surprising because—like the rest of the financial media—the publication normally IGNORES whole life insurance as a place to store cash. However, that may be changing!

Recently (perhaps because of the low-interest rate environment?) we have seen articles with a fresh and more accurate point of view. This one is excellent, and it addresses the same issue we discuss in this week’s podcast:

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Should the Government Invest FOR You?

Should the Government Invest FOR You?

Finally, we bring you an article from the Truth Concepts blog. It discusses a proposal by hedge fund manager Bill Ackman for the government to “invest” on behalf of every American.

Could “socializing” investing help solve inequality and improve financial literacy? We unpack the idea in this post:

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Truth Concepts is financial software that my husband, Todd Langford, developed. It is used by many top advisors and other financial professionals, and also by investors. The Truth Concepts blog features articles about a wide variety of financial topics. (You’ll also find a free trial for the software on the blog.)

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