strategic coachThe Strategic Coach The Strategic Coach is a quarterly growth program that P4P’s Kim Butler has been involved with since 1996 as both a participant and (nearly as long) as a coach. Though the program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, the materials are available for anyone interested in growth and personal development.

Truth Concepts logoTruth Concepts software Truth Concepts is financial software that “tells the whole truth” about money. Used by our Prosperity Economic Advisors (as well as other financial, insurance, and real estate specialists, plus investors), Truth Concepts builds financial confidence by illustrating the impact of various financial strategies and choices.

TheProsperityPodcast1200x1200 The Prosperity Podcast The Prosperity Podcast on iTunes Podkick owner Spencer Shaw hosts this popular iTunes radio show with our own Kim Butler, discussing how to build wealth the “Prosperity Economics” way. Click on the link above to find archived shows on many topics for investors, consumers, business owners, and financial advisors.

WealthAbility WealthAbility have been our personal tax strategists. Founded by Rich Dad Advisor Tom Wheelright and the WealthAbility team are CPA’s who actually understand opportunity costs and how to help you reduce and recapture it. Like us, they work with clients nationwide over the phone and web, and with many real estate investors and business owners.

Goodcare-logoGoodcare Goodcare is an independent consulting firm that helps consumers navigate healthcare choices. Goodcare’s Dr. Katy Votova advises clients how to integrate financial strategies with healthcare realities, including Medicare. Schedule a consultation at 866-696-6543.

BluePrint ProcessBlue Print Process Blue Print Process is a dedicated process that reveals direction for your life through an in-depth study of you. Using a series of custom-designed tools, Instinctive Life helps you reflect and identify inspired changes to make your life a better fit for you.

kolbe indexKolbe Index Kolbe is your source for personalized information about how you go about getting results. This is NOT a personality quiz; instead, this program identifies God-given talent. We’ve used Kolbe results for many years to help us build a team where everyone loves their work.

SendOutCardsSendout Cards SendOut Cards is a time-saving, relationship-building resource that allows you to send beautiful, customizable, signed greeting cards in the mail without ever leaving your home or home. Professionals use SendOut Cards to keep good thoughts flowing OUT and money opportunities flowing IN.

Rich-dadThe Rich Dad Company Robert and Kim Kiyosaki have dedicated their lives toward improving financial literacy throughout the world. We personally endorse their works (books and games) and they ours (look closely in “Choose to Be Rich” and “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing”) They teach “movement of money” principles (as do we) to help you get your money working harder for you.

total wealth logoTotal Wealth Coaching and Training Total Wealth’s Kate Phillips is our marketing and communications person, writing and/or editing much of the material that goes into our blog. She also specializes in “prosperity therapy” – helping clients heal financial stress and align their inner world to receive abundance in the outer world.

heifer internationalHeifer International Heifer International is a charity that we support that teaches people worldwide how to fish, instead of giving them a fish (or a heifer cow or chicken or llama). This is true multiplication in action – with dollars and animals.

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