“Love is a many splendored thing,” and many faces it does have.
Love is an infinite pool from which we can draw—romantic,
or brotherly, sisterly, paternal, even friendly.
There is no end to the love we express, and ways in which
we express it. Love is our legacy, to pass down
from parent to child or mentor to mentee. 
This legacy we leave is the best of us—our own infinite stores
of knowledge, of experience, of the lessons we’ve learned.

One of the best ways we can love is to lift ourselves up,
and teach those we care for to follow suit in time. This 
is abundance. Create your own joy and learn to paint 
brighter skies, then pass the paintbrush for others to 
do the same. Build your reservoir of skills, and then 
open the floodgates. Be generous and abundant, 
for you will never run out of love given freely. 

Love is living Prosperously, and teaching others 
to do the same. To be grateful, to seek opportunities,
and to steward the resources you have. So build 
your legacy to include those you love and shower them
with the good you can give each and every day. 
This legacy will echo throughout eternity.

Love Is Prosperity By Elizabeth Hagenlocher, PEM Community Builder

We hope you enjoy this poem about leaving a legacy of knowledge, joy, gratitude, and generosity. These are the principles that we at Partners 4 Prosperity believe are crucial for true Prosperity. If you could use support with the financial side of Prosperity, you can contact our team today. And keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming book, Perpetual Wealth, which details the concepts both financial and personal that you can use to build your legacy.