We also have a Spanish translation of this article.

This is the way to look at life insurance. A great book and a new way of thinking about life insurance that everyone should read.”
– Tom Wheelwright, CPA, Author of Tax-Free Wealth

The little life insurance book—with a life of its own!

About eleven years ago, I wrote Live Your Life Insurance  for my own clients as a sort of “owner’s manual” to their whole life insurance policies. I had been telling the same stories and explaining the same terms to client after client, and I knew there had to be a better way! At last, I put everything I had been telling my clients down in writing.

Soon, I discovered that the information was valuable for a wider audience. Other advisors and clients outside of my practice wanted it, too! In 2009, I published Live Your Life Insurance on Amazon in paperback. At the time, it was more of a “booklet” at the time—just 32 pages plus a (very useful) glossary.

A few years later, a Kindle version followed. (I love Kindle and read most books this way now.) About this time, the book also became an Amazon best-seller!

At the end of 2015, we released a revised, expanded edition. We clarified concepts and expanded the book, doubling its length. With the help of Kate Phillips, we added a new chapter, “Building Wealth for Life.” This chapter explains why we recommend whole life insurance as the best product to serve as a family’s financial foundation. Of course, the book still contains little “case studies” that demonstrate the many ways families use whole life insurance to their advantage.

In 2016, we released the Live Your Life Insurance Audiobook on Audible/Amazon. This was my first time (but not my last time) narrating a book.

Today, we announce an exciting next “chapter” for Live Your Life Insurance: the Spanish version!

Vive Tu Seguro de Vida!

I don’t speak or read Spanish, but lots of Americans do—including many for whom it is their first or primary language. I wanted a version of the book that would be helpful to Hispanic people with access to whole life insurance. (FYI—In the U.S. you must be an American citizen to purchase whole life insurance. A social security number is required.)

I found our translator Macarena Corte by googling and going with my gut. She turned out to be fantastic! Macarena has translated for over 20 years, beginning with work for Airborne Express. Of Spanish descent, she has lived in Spain, Texas, and Mexico (where she was born and now resides). She studied in a bilingual school and has spoken both English and Spanish for as long as she can remember.

Macarena has translated human resources material, customer service manuals, promotional videos, even product labels and government materials. She has written and translated books, but Live Your Life Insurance was her first financial book. “I learned a lot and it opened my mind… I believe it will help many people to make a right choice,” she says.

Named after “La Virgin de la Macarena” of Seville, Spain (not the song), Macarena and her two daughters have all studied psychology. In addition to translating (which is not her main work, just a side project she enjoys), Macarena also has a real estate company in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Additionally, she collaborates with International Architecture and urban forum workshops and the Institute of Habitat Mexico. Macarena says what’s important to her is to do what helps her grow as a human being, regardless of the income she receives. “I like to work with people that feel and act the same way about life and spirit, humanity and care for others.”

Macarena was a pleasure to work with. In only a few weeks time, she had Live Your Life Insurance translated into Spanish.

The next step was proofreading. Synthia Donohoe, a life-insurance savvy friend who is a Mexican American, proofread the book. Synthia is the wife of Patrick Donohoe, who owns Paradigm Life and is our partner in the Prosperity Economics Movement.

Finally, our publishing guy, Andrew Chapman, went to work. We needed a new book cover and also a new interior layout and design.

And now, the paperback is available on Amazon: Vive Tu Seguro de Vida: Estrategias Sorprendentes para Construir la Prosperidad de Toda la Vida con Su Póliza de Vida Total.

What Live Your Life Insurance is all about.

For 200 years, people have used the life insurance industry to build wealth as well as protect their loved ones from financial burdens in the face of the unexpected. In this book, I show how to use life insurance, rated one of the strongest of all industries, to provide the perfect “sleep at night” account to hold money while it grows.

The title, “Live your life insurance,” indicates that life insurance is not just “death insurance,” but it can help us throughout our lives. If you think of life insurance as a “necessary evil” that people with dependents buy out of guilt or obligation, you might have to re-think your assumptions! (After all, many of our most powerful financial institutions have been quietly purchasing billions.)

Live Your Life Insurance will show you how to use whole life insurance properly to:

  • Save systematically for the future, regardless of your age.
  • Protect your loved ones and your peace of mind…
  • Build an all-purpose emergency and opportunity
  • Get a “CLUE” about your money (Control, Liquidity, Use and Equity).
  • Benefit from your life insurance at different phases of life.
  • Use leverage and other strategies to make your dollars work harder.
  • Understand the language and terms of life insurance.
  • Most importantly—know how to benefit from life insurance now… while you’re alive and well!

Helping More People in More Ways

My goal has been the same for several years: To help more people in more ways. That is the simple, overarching goal that guides my decisions. It led me to co-found the Prosperity Economics Movement and launch the Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors. It propels me to find new financial products and tools that align with our 7 Principles of Prosperity. The goal also led to translation of one of our books, Busting the Interest Rate Lies, in Chinese last year. (More books to follow… in both Chinese and Spanish!)

Work with the author!

Perhaps you would like to build equity, grow cash value, and have a tax-advantaged “all purpose account” that could be used for opportunities and investments, as well as emergencies! We can help.

Partners for Prosperity serves clients in all 50 states. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to request an illustration to see how a whole life insurance policy might perform for you.

¿Hablas español?

If you (or someone you know) needs to work with an insurance advisor who speaks Spanish… we can refer you to an advisor who can assist you!

We also have a Spanish translation of this article.

Get Live Your Life Insurance today:

Paperback (in English)

Paperback (in Spanish)

Kindle book (in English)

Audiobook on Audible/Amazon

(We are working on having a Spanish audio version available soon!)

Some of the Amazon.com reviews:

A Good Primer

One of the simplest explanations of how to use life insurance as a financial vehicle to help you grow wealth. Better, in my opinion, than some of the more well known books on the subject. Straightforward and to the point without a lot of agent talk or legalese. A great place to start for those looking to escape the mutual fund/stock/bond cage for your wealth. (verified Amazon purchase)

The Hard Truth About Whole Life Insurance…Vital Information to Acquire and Act Upon.

This contains valuable information that is not easily available. I wish I had this information decades ago… It should be required reading. (Jack Scharff, verified purchase) 

Very Informative!!

Simply written. Highly understandable. Incredible concepts. (verified Amazon purchase)

Live Your Life Insurance

This brief but thorough book is a must read for everyone, especially those who do not understand the value of saving. I only wish I could have read it 40 years ago. But, no matter your age now- apply these ideas now and share it with your friends. (Charles Nunez, verified purchase)