The Facts About Life Settlements

Life Settlements Video Presentation

Life Settlements represent a growth-oriented alternative investment available to accredited investors only.

Learn what you need to know about life settlements in this 10-minute video:

  • Why this could be the best investment you’ve never heard of.
  • How life settlements started and how they are different from viatical settlements.
  • How the industry is impacting seniors as well as investors.
  • What institutions and investors are the major players in life settlement investing (you’ll recognize the names).
  • Why investors love them–and why they’re not for everyone.

View the 10-minute video by going to (or click image below to go there). The “referring advisor” is Kim Butler.

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There are multiple options for investing in life settlements. Please consult directly with Kim Butler or another Partners for Prosperity representative for further information.

You can ask a question via email or schedule an appointment through our contact page. Kim would be happy to speak to you directly, and we can also introduce you to our private placement providers, too.

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