Kim D. H. Butler – Financial Advisor, Author and Founder

Not your typical financial planner.

…financial services expert Steve Savant calls Kim Butler an ‘investment advisor and cultural contrarian… the matron of money, a Joan of Arc crusader separating financial fact from fiction.’

Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC, Kim Butler has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of alternative investments, private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box.”

It’s all part of the Prosperity Economics Movement, a non-profit organization co-founded by Butler along with her husband, Todd Langford (a financial software developer who is always checking the math) which is spreading its “Wealth without Wall Street” mission to clients and other advisors alike.

“People are looking for alternatives to a financial industry that they feel no longer serves them,” says Kim. “For decades, investment representatives have been financially rewarded for convincing clients to keep their money at risk. We’re programmed to tolerate volatility and believe that risk and reward are inseparable. We’ve limited our investment options, and we’ve forgotten rule #1: Never lose money!”

Since bucking the system, Kim has been helping clients put formerly “lazy assets” to work, creating reliable cash flow and/or steady growth regardless of the mood of the market or current interest rates.

“Does it work?” you wonder. Actually, it always has.

While colleagues and clients have enthusiastically endorsed Kim’s methods on LinkedIn, in book reviews, and in a 2017 California Business Journal article, Butler is quick to point out that the principles and strategies she recommends were used by the wealthy before the financial planning industry—which largely equates “investments” with “the stock market”—even existed.

Financial planning is broken.

Kim studied the commonalities between wealth builders and examined the math behind many common financial assumptions. She observed what worked and what didn’t in the real world, finding synergy between strategies that followed certain principles, which later became Partners for Prosperity’s 7 Principles of Prosperity™.

In 1999, Kim left the firm she worked for, surrendered her Series 7, and abandoned her financial planning designation, no longer believing in the practices they represented. She started Partners for Prosperity, LLC, dedicated to the principles of Prosperity Economics.

Now, instead of seeking “assets under management,” Kim shows people how to build sustainable wealth by controlling and benefiting from their own assets. She helps clients grow their dollars more efficiently by keeping them working hard doing multiple jobs (the dollars, not the clients!)

A Financial Rule Breaker and Thought Leader.


A passionate educator as well as an advisor, Butler questions the financial assumptions we’ve been taught, busting myths and backing up her ideas with examples, facts, experience, and calculators. Her articulation of Prosperity Economics philosophy and strategies and the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ have changed the way that thousands of people think about their finances.

Find out more about our Prosperity Economics philosophy and strategies with these free resources.

Kim is a 4x inaugural Investopedia top 100 list member. The Investopedia top 100 recognizes top advisors across the country with the greatest impact and engagement across media channels. As Investopedia communicated to us:

Helping clients across the country, Kim utilizes alternative investments, private equity funds and resources for private lenders. Her firm is a federally-registered RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and she maintains her life insurance license in all 50 states. Additionally, Kim has developed The Prosperity Pathway™, a five-step, fee-based propriety process.

“Your inclusion on this list is not solely based on engagement metrics, but also on the quality of the information you produce and share… This list is our salute to advisors like you who… contribute thought leadership and industry insights as far, as wide and as unselfishly as you can.”

Kim’s work as a financial advisor and strategist has been recommended by financial thought leaders and authors such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Tom Wheelwright (Tax Free Wealth), Garrett Gunderson (Killing Sacred Cows, The Wealth Factory), Michael Isom (What Would the Rockefellers Do?), Patrick Donohoe (Wealth Standard Network), and Tom Dyson, publisher of the Palm Beach Letter investment newsletter.

Kim hosts The Prosperity Podcast with the support of Spencer Shaw (PodKick). She has been interviewed by Kiyosaki, featured on “Let’s Get Down to Business,” the top show for insurance producers, has consulted with the Palm Beach Letter about “Income for Life” strategies, and has been a guest on the popular Real Estate Guys radio show and many other podcasts and programs.

Kim is also the author of six financial books, including the Amazon best-sellers, Live Your Life Insurance and Busting the Life Insurance Lies, plus the highly-reviewed Busting the Retirement Lies.

As a mentor, Butler helps her husband, Todd Langford, train advisors with Truth Concepts™, software used by agents, advisors, and other financial professionals to show “the whole truth” about financial strategies. Kim and Todd also host an annual Summit for industry professionals. Additionally, Kim has been a long-time participant and entrepreneur coach at Strategic Coach®, assisting entrepreneurs in multiplying their results.

“From the Dairy Farm to the Financial Farm.”

An early riser who thrives on gratitude, meaningful work and staying healthy, Kim learned discipline early on. Growing up on a dairy farm, Kim developed her work ethic and savings habits by putting herself through private college with money saved from selling milk from the dairy cow her father bought her in the 4th grade.

Today, life has come full circle. Kim lives with her family in rural Texas on an alpaca farm, and begins her days early with farm chores before she settles into her home office. (She is so grateful that alpacas don’t need to be milked!) And just as she once turned a cow into a college education, Kim still applies her work ethic to creating prosperity, now by helping others use what they’ve got to reach their own goals.

Working virtually from her home office (with the company mascot, Emma Dawg, by her side and her husband coding financial software down the hall), Kim helps clients accelerate their wealth through alternative investments, creative life insurance strategies, and Prosperity Economics wisdom. When she’s not in the office, Kim reads books, writes books, and crochets scarves… out of alpaca fiber, of course!

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