Joe Jacubetz – New Client Care and Scheduling

“I enjoy problem solving and being able to help people in a meaningful way.”

Connecting people to solutions for four decades.

Joe Jacubetz worked for the phone company in Arizona—the Bell/Qwest System—for 38 years. Troubleshooting phone problems around the state, Joe was the one who would find the solution, whether it was a hospital with multiple phone systems down or a customer having issues with call-waiting.

After retiring from the Bell system, Joe and his wife left the heat of Arizona and bought a home on a lake in Minnesota.  (A “Sunbird,” Joe says they didn’t go south to avoid the snow, they went north to avoid the heat!)

Our customer service specialist.

Now Joe works from home for Partners for Prosperity, and he still finds job satisfaction in helping people. We love how Joe works to get questions answered—big or small.

If you are new to Partners for Prosperity, Joe is the person to start with. Joe handles new client care and appointment scheduling. He will connect you to the person who can help you best!

Contact Joe:
(877) 889-3981, ext. 107
JoeJ (at)

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