Jill Molitor – Receptionist and Administrator

“I’m here to make sure you get the financial information you need, stay on track with your appointments, and remain focused on your goal – living your dreams.”

“Do it right the first time.”

That life lesson was ingrained in Jill Molitor’s mind as she grew up in Texas as the daughter of a machine shop owner. Attention to details and following through to make sure the job was done right has always been a part of Jill’s life.

“Financial success is based upon big ideas and small details.”
Big strategic ideas will take you only so far in building the financial portfolio that can support your dreams. Growing your financial foundation means sowing the seeds of a LOT of details necessary to execute your financial plan.

“Getting you the information you need.”
Whether you have a quick question, want a life insurance illustration, or need to set an appointment with Kim to discuss an investment, policy, or simply get questions answered, Jill is here to help.

Jill helps keep you (and us!) on track.
Making financial changes in your life can be stressful. Jill’s 20 years of customer service with the telephone company taught her a great deal about working with people under stress. She always made customers feel that she cared, that she listened, and that she would take action on their behalf.

You will find that same warm support from Jill Molitor at Partners for Prosperity. Jill is the warm voice on the other end of the phone.

Contact Jill:
(877) 889-3981, ext. 120
fax 602-532-7915

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