Life insurance and your savings are your runways. In this episode, Kim and Spencer talk about the importance of having cash at home because it is the most important money that all families have in emergencies. They also talk about Kim’s nephew’s story and the purpose of a life insurance policy.

Tune in with Kim D. H. Butler and Spencer Shaw to find out how to take control of your finances today. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show? Please send it to us at and we may answer it in an upcoming episode.

Show Notes

  • The importance of having a family bank – 1:09
  • Understanding what a bank is – 1:23
  • Having a cash reserve – 3:27
  • Kim’s nephew: Seth’s story about his life insurance policy – 4:38
  • Why you should have a life insurance policy – 5:51
  • The best financial decision to make – 8:07
  • Recommendation for the book: “Live Your Life Insurance” -12:02
  • Having an Emergency Opportunity Fund – 13:25
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