Understanding Life Insurance Dividends, Costs, and Returns

P4P051-GrossReturnsVsNetReturnsTodd Strobel and Kim D.H. Butler sit down to talk about the truths in life insurance returns. Todd breaks down the gross returns and how it’s offset by your policy’s expenses. Kim analyzes what returns for life insurance in 2015 look like. Finally, they implore listeners, if you have any questions or areas of confusion, reach out and we will explain it further and more clearly.

How does whole life differ from IUL in how returns are calculated? What ARE the 2015 returns right now for whole life policies at various ages? Find out on today’s episode!

Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[0:43] Overview

[1:19] Explaining Life Insurance Returns

[4:24] Numbers in Gross Returns

[7:31] Peeling Back the Expenses

[9:24] Mortality Expense

[10:53] Index Universal Life Expense

[11:56] Breaking Down the Returns

[15:15] Live Your Life Insurance

[15:32] Impact of Age on Life Insurance

[17:26] Inforce Illustrations

[19:09] Wrap-Up

[19:25] Outro


Whole life insurance has three expenses. Running the company, mortality cost, and agent commission. Is your net return exceeding the costs? Click To Tweet Cash value of whole life insurance is a better place to store liquid cash than a bank account because it has that dollar figure attached. Click To Tweet



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