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They are our Gift and our way of getting the word out about Prosperity Economics, the alternative to “typical” financial planning.

Live Your Life Insurance: Surprising Strategies to Build Lifelong Prosperity with Your Whole Life Policy

LYLI coverLive Your Life Insurance

Revised and expanded in 2016, this book reveals how you can use whole life insurance to build wealth that you — the policyowner — can use while you’re alive and well! Filled with real-life examples and strategies for various stages of life, Live Your Life Insurance is an essential “owner’s manual” for your life insurance policy and a road map for financial security. Download your copy now!

Busting the Financial Planning Lies: Learn to Use Prosperity Economics to Build Sustainable Wealth

BFPL-excerpt-coverBusting the Financial Planning Lies

This book explores the difference between Prosperity Economics and typical financial planning, offering a view that questions the norm. Where has “common” financial advice gone wrong? What’s your financial planner NOT telling you?

Read the book and find out!

Busting Retirement Lies: Living with Passion, Purpose and Abundance Throughout Our Lives

brl-real-coverBusting the Retirement Lies

This book has earned rave reviews for it’s combination of hard-hitting numerical truths, inspirational case studies and no-nonsense advice. Find out why 401(k)s and similar plans don’t perform as people hope. And discover reasons to “retire” the very idea of retirement, and what you can do instead to make your later years productive, passionate, vital and fulfilling. Get your copy now!

Busting the Interest Rate Lies: Discover the Whole Truth About Money, and How You Can Keep Control of Yours.

birl-cover-mediumBusting the Interest Rate Lies

What don’t we understand about interest rates, and how much is it costing us? This book follows the story of a young man throughout his life. From buying his first car and home to investing in private equity funds, learn along with him.

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Financial Planning Has FAILED.

fp-has-failed-2016-coverThis book is our BEST synopsis of Prosperity Economics and the exact strategies we use with our clients.

  • why it’s necessary to break away from typical financial advice
  • how financial planning can actually put our financial security at risk!
  • why I felt I had no choice but to leave my successful financial planning practice
  • the 7 Principles of Prosperity™, what they mean and how to put them into practice
  • the specific strategies and products we use with our clients at Partners for Prosperity for our clients
  • and a comparison of “typical” financial strategies with Prosperity Economics strategies and products we recommend at Partners for Prosperity for our clients

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For more about Prosperity Economics, see our this page and also this interview with Kim Butler.

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