Details About The Prosperity Pathway ™

What You Can Expect.

The Prosperity Pathway™ enables you to implement and take action on the 7 Principles of Prosperity™. It’s a proven, reliable approach to accelerating your prosperity. And while it’s not for everyone, this is what you can expect to learn and achieve from The Prosperity Pathway™:

  • Increase your financial confidence so that you can easily make financial decisions and take action.
  • Get your dollars working harder and doing more jobs.
  • Use The 7 Principles of Prosperity™ to measure investment opportunities you are presented with.
  • Increase the control you have over your dollars and your financial peace of mind.

How The Prosperity Pathway™ Program Works.

In a series of private (online) meetings, we walk you through each step of The Prosperity Pathway™ program in a way that addresses all learning styles. Together, we take a deep dive into your personal economy to help you gain financial confidence and maximize your dollars!

How do we meet?

We work with you (and your significant other, if you like) over the phone and through the web using web-based technology where you can SEE our computer while you are HEARING us talk through specific strategies. We also provide blank P4P Quadrants to take notes on so you can WRITE out strategies.

Each of the five steps of The Prosperity Pathway™ program consists of material that is covered in a 90-minute phone/ web meeting, along with specific homework that should take less than an hour to complete.

Our available conference times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 9 am central and ending at 6 pm central. We occasionally make exceptions to accommodate an unusual schedule.

How will I know what to do?

Our process is very specific to your situation and needs. During the phone/web conference, we’ll identify action items that are specific to each step of The Prosperity Pathway™. Every step of the way, we’re here to support you in completing them.

How long does the program take?

Typically, we cover the five steps of The Prosperity Pathway™ over the course of three months. Then, we meet as needed to continue to help you velocitize your money and get it to do the work of 10 or more jobs in buying more assets, increasing cash flow, and improving protection.

Is The Prosperity Pathway™ Right for Me?

Any one with an open mind who has some flexibility in their finances can benefit from The Prosperity Pathway™.

Are you making any of these common money mistakes?

  • Not saving systematically.
  • Pre-paying a mortgage.
  • Deferring too much into retirement plans (i.e., contributing the maximums allowable).
  • Buying only term life insurance.
  • Relying only on the stock market.
  • Relying only on the real estate market.
  • Dollar cost averaging.
  • Focusing primarily on net worth.
  • Locking up your children’s education dollars.
  • Overlooking opportunity costs.

If you are making any of the mistakes with your dollars that are listed above, then The Prosperity Pathway™ can help you make immediate strides in strengthening your position of prosperity and abundance.

The Prosperity Pathway might not be a good fit for you if…

If you are NOT willing to consider approaches that challenge conventional financial planning wisdom, The Prosperity Pathway™ is probably not right for you.

The Prosperity Pathway™ is also not a good fit for someone who is just starting to save and a multi-step, fee-based process would consume a large portion of your assets.

How you’ll know you’re getting results…

You’ll know the program is working and that your money is actually working harder when you see an increase in the number of jobs your dollars are doing, an increase of the control you have with your dollars, and a possible increase in cash flow.

Initially, we get your dollars to work two or three jobs. For example, instead of just putting money aside for your children’s education where it only does one job, we’ll teach you how to fund college with dollars that you’ll be able to use in your life as well.

After three months of working together, that number should increase to four or five jobs. For example, an emergency/opportunity fund (one job) can pay out interest (job #2), which then enables you to increase your car insurance deductible, so you could buy a liability umbrella (job #3). In addition, your tax bill would be lowered (job #4) due to not compounding interest and you’d recover opportunity cost (job #5).

Our Guarantee:

We’re so confident that you’ll benefit from your work on The Prosperity Pathway™ that we offer the following guarantee: If for any reason you are unhappy with the value you receive from our guidance along The Prosperity Pathway™, you may request a refund of fees paid, provided you have been actively engaged in the process of learning, exploring, and applying what you have learned.

How is this different from typical planning?

The Prosperity Pathway™ differs from financial planning in a number of significant ways.

  • First, The Prosperity Pathway™ is principles-based; financial planning takes a needs- and assumption-based approach, which is limiting and creates a false sense of peace of mind.
  • The Prosperity Pathway™ approach is cash flow-focused, rather than net worth-focused.
  • The Prosperity Pathway™ measures and recovers opportunity costs, rather than deferring problems associated with them until it’s too late.
  • The Prosperity Pathway™ is more real estate related than stock market related; Partners for Prosperity does not carry assets under management.
  • The Prosperity Pathway™ is more effective than the “hope and pray” method. The strategies we recommend deliver consistent results, not unpredictable roller coaster rides.
  • The Prosperity Pathway™ is more efficient than typical strategies. By applying the Principles of Prosperity™ to each of your dollars, those dollars work harder for you. Your prosperity accelerates more efficiently because each dollar performs a number of different jobs.

Getting Started on The Pathway!

The first step of The Prosperity Pathway™ is to Explore; in this initial step, we explore how to apply The 7 Principles of Prosperity™ to your situation and discover how they can work not only with your money, but also with your life, to make ‘someday today.’

Getting started on this first step of your pathway to prosperity is as simple as a phone call or email.

To get started, email us or call Jill at (877) 889-3981, ext. 120; from there, Jill will coordinate your schedule to speak with Kim or with one of our Prosperity Pathway™ guides, who’ll spend time with you discussing your current dangers, opportunities, and strengths.

As far as Prosperity “tour guides” and prices, you have a choice; You can go through the 5-step Prosperity Pathway™ one-on-one with one of our approved advisors for only $1,500. Or you can choose to work personally with Kim Butler, creator of The Prosperity Pathway™ for a fee of $3,500. Just contact Jill ( or (877) 889-3981 ext. 120) to schedule a complimentary consultation with Kim, then we can arrange payment and scheduling to get you started on the Pathway!

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