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The Insurance Rebuttal Part 1

Whole Life vs. Term Insurance: Myths and Misunderstandings


In this episode of The Prosperity Podcast, best selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler and “No B.S. Money Guy,” Todd Strobel take on some misconstrued ideas regarding whole life insurance vs. term insurance.

Looking at a comment that was left on Partners for Prosperity’s blog, they clarify four aspects of whole life insurance, busting four common myths: These include:

  • Do you “pay for two and get one” benefit?
  • Is there really “zero cash value”?
  • What about the death benefits – does term really give you more? and
  • Is whole life too expensive for middle income families?
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Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance Q & A with Kim Butler

Life Insurance 101Our hosts are back in this episode of The Prosperity Podcast to answer all of your life insurance questions. “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel, and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler instruct listeners in Life Insurance 101.

Answering common questions, Kim and Todd clarify differences between types of life insurance, and give listeners sound insurance advice. They explain the many different ways we can use life insurance, and which types are the most ideal for different situations. This truly is a life (insurance) lesson you won’t want to miss!

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Financial Advising vs. Financial Planning

What is the difference between advising and planning?

Financial Advising vs. Financial Planning

Are financial advising and financial planning the same thing? Todd and Kim say they are NOT! In this episode of The Prosperity Podcast, “No BS Money Guy” Todd Strobel and Kim D. H. Butler, best-selling financial author, clear the murky air and set straight the differences between financial advising and planning.

Our hosts point out the impossible problems of financial planning and the traps we can fall into when relying on financial planning. They also talk about how financial advising is different and WHY it works better than financial planning to build wealth and prosperity.

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The Financial Adviser Feud

What kind of financial adviser is right for you?

The Financial Adviser Fued

In this episode of the Prosperity Podcast, “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler talk about the different types of financial advisers that exist and the pros and cons of each type. They answer questions about which type of adviser is the most beneficial for various situations and how to decide which is best for your situation.

Our hosts answer the question about free financial advice and whether or not the phrase “you get what you pay for” rings true in those types of situations. Referring to insurance, Todd and Kim remind us that investments are not our only way toward gaining financial stability and growth.

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Using Life Insurance Before Death

Give While You Live!


Picking up where they left off last episode, “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel, and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler, resume talking about life insurance and how we can use it for our benefit before our death.

Todd and Kim discuss two different working examples of how we can utilize our death benefits during our lifetime. They present the pros and cons of various life insurance policy options and make recommendations on which they believe could be in our best interest in certain situations.

Many people do not realize how life insurance can be used to transfer wealth while the policyholder/insured is still alive and well! We are encouraged by the hosts to not wait until death to use our insurance to benefit others, but rather to give while we live.

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Inflation – The Hidden Tax

What “They” Don´t Want You to Know About Inflation (and How to Fight It!)


Together again, “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel, and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler, take on the topic of the hidden tax that all Amercians face. It’s a silent, stealth tax that no voters approve, yet it robs us nonetheless.

The hidden tax our hosts refer to in this episode is INFLATION. It erodes our savings and injures our earning potential.

With an open transparency, Todd and Kim discuss this hidden tax and tell us what the government doesn’t want us to know about who it is benefiting. They caution us against lifestyle inflation as well, and give us tools to help us navigate through these sly and concealed financial thieves.

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