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The Truth Behind Qualified Plans

Who Benefits from YOUR Retirement Account?

The Truth Behind Qualified PlansIn this episode, Kim D.H. Butler and NO BS Money Guy Todd Strobel tell the real story of the qualified retirement plan.

Who really benefits?

Which types of plans give you the most freedom towards your prosperity, and which should you AVOID?

One key thought in today’s conversation is, “When the government is benefiting, it typically means that we are not.”

0:27 – Let’s talk about the real story of the qualified plan

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Freedom and Liberty

The Relationship Between Liberty, Prosperity, and Character

Freedom and LibertyIn this episode of the Prosperity Podcast, you’ll learn why you should be very careful with any government plans and strategies when it comes to your wealth!

Kim D.H. Butler and NO BS Money Guy Todd Strobel talk about freedom and liberty, and how they relate to prosperity. They share excerpts from the book ‘Are We Good Enough for Liberty?’ by Lawrence W. (aka Larry) Reed of FEE is the Foundation for Economic Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating future leaders about the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society.

0:33 – Today we are talking about the book, Are We Good Enough For Liberty?

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Fiduciary vs. Suitability Standard

Who Should Give Financial Advice?

P4P-012-FiduciaryvsSuitabilityStandardIn the debate over what kind of financial advisor you should (and shouldn’t) take advice from, it is clear where best-selling financial author Kim Butler and “No B.S. Money Guy” Todd Strobel stand. In this podcast they discuss the differences between advisors who operate from a Fiduciary standard and those who work from a Suitability standard.

Kim stresses the value of the focus a fiduciary advisor will place on their client, contrasted with the focus the advisor will put on themselves. Whose best interests take priority?

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The Insurance Rebuttal Part 2

Whole Life vs. Term Insurance: More Myths and Misunderstandings

P4P-011-TheInsuranceRebuttalPart2Today’s episode of The Prosperity Podcast continues the debate over whole life insurance vs. term life insurance. Best selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler and “No B.S. Money Guy,” Todd Strobel pick up where they left off previously, discussing comments sent in by a reader in support of term insurance vs. whole life insurance.

The arguments and responses covered include: price comparison, investing comparison, and large commission comparison.

Kim and Todd address the reasoning behind each question the viewer had and then proceed to teach why both whole life and term insurance are important and practical. Most clearly, they express why term on its own is not a long term option, as its name suggests.

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The Insurance Rebuttal Part 1

Whole Life vs. Term Insurance: Myths and Misunderstandings


In this episode of The Prosperity Podcast, best selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler and “No B.S. Money Guy,” Todd Strobel take on some misconstrued ideas regarding whole life insurance vs. term insurance.

Looking at a comment that was left on Partners for Prosperity’s blog, they clarify four aspects of whole life insurance, busting four common myths: These include:

  • Do you “pay for two and get one” benefit?
  • Is there really “zero cash value”?
  • What about the death benefits – does term really give you more? and
  • Is whole life too expensive for middle income families?
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Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance Q & A with Kim Butler

Life Insurance 101Our hosts are back in this episode of The Prosperity Podcast to answer all of your life insurance questions. “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel, and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler instruct listeners in Life Insurance 101.

Answering common questions, Kim and Todd clarify differences between types of life insurance, and give listeners sound insurance advice. They explain the many different ways we can use life insurance, and which types are the most ideal for different situations. This truly is a life (insurance) lesson you won’t want to miss!

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