“…cultural contrarian Kim Butler… (is) like a Joan of Arc crusader separating financial fact from fiction.”
– Steve Savant, host of “Let’s Get Down to Business”

Book Launch: December 20

Our newest book, Busting the Life Insurance Lies, is officially LAUNCHED! I co-authored this book with Jack Burns and James Ransom, and it just might be the most comprehensive book on life insurance available to the public… ever!

Below, we’ll give you the whole scoop on the book, as well as our whole process of writing and publishing the book. But first, we want to help you get a copy… for free!

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The Life Insurance Lies

It’s possible that there has never been a financial product that has been so misunderstood as whole life insurance.

Many “financial gurus” dismiss it, or are vehemently opposed to it. (It should be noted that these critics are not certified to give financial advice.)

Some agents and advisors believe it is the solution to every financial problem. (Even problems it may not adequately solve.)

You can find debates on the internet with hundreds of comments that will take you hours to read.

In the foreword to my revised and updated Live Your Life Insurance (my best-selling little book that reveals how to get the most from your policy, a sort of “user’s manual” for whole life insurance), my husband, Todd Langford of Truth Concepts financial software, writes:

“It has surprised many people–including myself–that the mathematical calculations reveal that one much-maligned, often-misunderstood financial product is actually superior in many ways to other financial products, when all factors are considered. I have often said that if people truly understood this product, they would line up around the block to purchase it. That product is participating (dividend-paying) mutual whole life insurance.”

The truth is that, while it is best coupled with other investments in most cases, many estate planners and educated advisors find it to be an extremely useful financial tool, when used properly.

Some of the 38 lies and half-truths we set out to “bust” in this book include:

Lie #1: Whole life insurance is a bad investment.

Lie #7: You’d do better to be self-insured by building up your own net worth.

Lie #8: Life insurance is just for burial costs.

Lie #9: Only people with dependents need life insurance.

Lie #10: Never buy life insurance for a child.

Lie #15: “Buy term and invest the difference” works.

Lie #17: The insurance company keeps your whole life cash value when you die.

Lie #19: If you can’t pay your premiums, you’re in serious trouble.

Lie #20: If you borrow against your policy, you’re borrowing your own money.

Lie #22: You can only count on the guaranteed column (not dividends).

Lie #28: A whole life policy means you don’t need any other investments.

Lie #30: When you borrow against a policy, you’re paying interest to yourself.

Lie #31: Universal Life gives policyholders more flexibility and costs less.

We tackle “pro” whole-life insurance lies as well as many “anti” whole life insurance lies. We also have a section for more advanced or technical lies that will most appeal to advisors, agents, and others in the industry.

Help us spread the world and tell the truth about life insurance!

Download your copy now, or purchase the paperback on Amazon.com.

A Book is Born… The Writing, Publishing and Promoting Process

Some people think you can “write a book in a weekend,” and while you could, that is a recipe for a bad book! (Or else a very, very short book.)

The truth is, it “takes a village” to write a book, and another village to publish and promote one. And it takes time. More time than you might think.

Busting the Life Insurance Lies has been years in the making! It was an idea in my mind for a long time, then in early 2014, our in-house writer, Kate Phillips and I started brainstorming specific lies to include in the book. Many of the blog posts she helped us write provided some content that we could draw upon.

Jack Burns

In 2015, Jack Burns of JBlife.com and I decided to partner on the project. Jack has many years of experience in both the life insurance field and the business world, and is a true expert.

Around that same time, I met James Ranson of The Master Wordsmith, who would become our co-writer. We “auditioned” James with a sample chapter and really loved his approach.

James interviewed Jack and me extensively. We also had some three-way calls, and we created a storyline to weave in between the lies to give a context of a real family and real advisors. Jack really helped with the final scenario, and James and his team did an amazing job of bringing the characters to life!

Then the writing began… then, the editing. There were rounds of editing, rewriting, more editing. Jack and I read the first two drafts and gave feedback, and then James and Kate and I worked for months in a Google doc, making further suggestions and saving updates. I think the book on Amazon is the fifth version, at least!

Meanwhile, we met with our master of video, Jason Rink, and I recorded a video book trailer. (Even while in the middle of editing, you’ve got to be thinking about what you need to do to promote it later!) See the book trailer below:

Eventually, we declared it “done” and gave the book to Meg Sylvia of Artful Publications for proofing and formatting. Artful Publications created the cover, based on previous book cover designs by Andrew Chapman. We also created a robust appendix with many images, life insurance illustrations, and more. Finally, we added author bios and company information.

We gathered a few testimonials that we could include in the book. Then finally, the book was on Amazon.com! Next, we announced the book to our clients as well as advisor colleagues, and we started receiving some wonderful reviews.

And now… the Book Launch!

We reached out to Tyler Wagner and his team at Author’s Unite for help with our book launch. They have assisted with book launch strategies to maximize our exposure, such as getting an article about the book placed in The Huffington Post.

Last but not least, our social media maven, Terra Paley, worked to help us spread the word online!

Currently, the book can be purchased in both Kindle and Paperback versions, and we are working on an audio book that will be released on Audible.com, Amazon’s platform for audiobooks.

As you can see, many people worked hard on this book, it truly was a team effort! We are thrilled it is being so well received. Check out our five-star reviews on Amazon.com. We are so grateful that people are enjoying the book and getting good information from it.

And if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, go download it on Amazon.com now.  Let’s bust some life insurance lies!

You can see all of my books available on Amazon at my author’s page here.

– Kim D. H. Butler