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Live Your Life Insurance

Surprising Strategies to Build Lifelong Prosperity with Your Whole Life Policy

live your life insurance book Live Your Life Insurance is an eye-opening little book that shows investors how to tap into a financial vehicle that has paid dividends for over a century and a half without fail  – whole life insurance – to store money safely where it can grow tax-free and be leveraged for lucrative opportunities. Live Your Life Insurance shows you how to:

  • Truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of whole life;
  • Utilize the benefits of whole life insurance cash value;
  • Discover ways that the death benefit can be advantageous to the insured (not just the beneficiaries);
  • Make money like the banks and car-finance companies; and
  • Get a C.L.U.E. (control, liquidity, use, equity) about your money.

In this Amazon Kindle best-seller, Kim Butler gives many examples of how to grow prosperity through every stage of life using surprising life insurance strategies!

Busting the Retirement Lies:

Living with Passion, Purpose and Abundance Throughout Our Lives

Busting Retirement Lies cover Busting the Retirement Lies questions everything you’ve been told about retirement and retirement planning, and challenges typical assumptions. Learn new perspectives on:

  • Why retiring at age 65 (or younger) shouldn’t be your goal after all (and what to do instead);
  • How financial planners can skew projections, creating false expectations
  • Why your 401(k) or qualified plan is likely delivering disappointing results
  • Role models and case studies of people who are redefining retirement
  • Shocking analysis from financial calculators that show “the whole truth” about retirement planning, inflation, and why you should avoid the retirement trap!

With inspirational examples as well as number crunching, this book will have you re-thinking retirement while designing a life of fulfillment and prosperity! Read our rave reviews and purchase on Amazon now:

Busting the Life Insurance Lies:

38 Myths and Misconceptions That Sabotage Your Wealth

Busting The Life Insurance Lies takes 38 myths about life insurance and sets the record straight… myths you hear from self-proclaimed financial experts, on the internet, and even from overzealous insurance agents! Some common misconceptions this book breaks wide open include:

  • “It’s a bad investment.”
  • “You should keep your liquid cash in a bank.”
  • “You’re better off self-insuring.”
  • “Never buy life insurance for a child.”
  • ” ‘Buy term and invest the difference’ works.”
  • “It’s not worth getting it when you’re older.”
  • “You don’t need other investments.”
  • “When you pay back a policy loan, you’re paying yourself interest!”

Get the truth from veteran advisors Kim D. H. Butler and Jack Burns, with the help of a fictional family who debates the issues with help from their advisors.

Busting the Interest Rate Lies:

Discover the Whole Truth About Money and How You Can Keep Control of Yours

Busting the Interest Rate Lies fills in important gaps about essential but little-understood financial topics you won’t hear about from most financial advisors. It follows the story of a young man, from high school to purchasing his first car and home to establishing savings and insurance, becoming a real estate investor, and finally, growing assets using life settlement private equity funds. Discover with him why:

  • Purchasing a car with 0% dealer financing isn’t the best way to buy a car;
  • You don’t always save money by paying cash for major purchases;
  • A 15-year mortgage isn’t more efficient than a 30-year mortgage;
  • And much more!

Whether you are just learning to manage your money or you are an experienced investor, this book will help you avoid common financial mistakes and put MANY thousands of dollars into your pocket!

Busting the Financial Planning Lies:

Learn to use Prosperity Economics to Build Sustainable Wealth

BFPL-cover Busting the Financial Planning Lies  could cost your financial planner a lot of money!  Better yet, it will put the money where it belongs – back in YOUR hands! This book reveals why the wealthy ignore the advice doled out by Wall Street and typical financial planners, such as:

  • Max out your 401(k);
  • Prepay your mortgage;
  • Buy term life insurance only; and
  • The stock market is the best long-term investment, and mutual funds are the best way to invest in it.

With sections on the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ mutual funds, mortgages, qualified plans, life insurance and more, Busting the Financial Planning Lies takes an in-depth look at Prosperity Economics thinking. Learn how to take back control of your thinking and your finances!

Financial Planning has FAILED:

Create Sustainable Wealth… Without Wall Street Risks!

financial planning has failed GET YOUR FREE EBOOK TODAY, available only on this website! Our new 65-page ebook, Financial Planning has FAILED, explains why “typical” financial advice is flat-out WRONG for most investors. Best yet, it explains the Prosperity Economics alternative, detailing the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ and concrete examples showing how to put the Principles into action in areas such as saving for college, retirement income, investing for growth, storing cash safely and creating wealth with real estate.

The book is not for sale; it is ONLY available as part of our complimentary Prosperity Accelerator Pack. Sign up below for instant access to the book and other wealth-building bonuses:



Busting the Real Estate Investing Lies: Build Wealth the Smart Way:

Through the Most Time-Tested, Least Volatile Path to Financial Freedom (Busting the Money Myths Book Series)

If you think that real estate investment is risky, costly, time-consuming, and complicated, think again. Investing in real estate is actually the smartest, most powerful tactic to create a reliable, passive form of income—if you use it right.


Perpetual Wealth: How to Use “Family Financing” to Build Prosperity and Leave a Legacy for Generations

How to Build-and Keep-Generational Wealth!

You’ll discover how families can create wealth together to serve the good of all. The authors call it “Family Financing,” and it’s about much more than money!



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