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Shortcuts to Prosperity: Our Favorite Money Hacks (Part 2)

“You’ve got to do fewer things more effectively.”
– Adam Urbanski, business and marketing coach

In part one of “Shortcuts to Prosperity,” we examined 12 financial hacks organized under the first four of our Principles of Prosperity™. We continue now with the remaining three principles and 13 additional ways to hack your money and take a shortcut to wealth. 

Prosperity Principle:  Keep CONTROL of Your Money!

No one will care about your money as much as you do, so don’t hand over the control of all of your dollars to someone else.

  1. Automate your savings.

One of the easiest ways to lose control of your money is to spend it! Don’t let your dollars just sit around in your checking account, burning a proverbial hole in your pocket. Schedule automatic withdrawals to transfer money into a savings account, a whole life policy, or an investment.

But the mistake that most people make is that they move their money to places where they have no control! So mind these next hacks…

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Shortcuts to Prosperity: Our Favorite Financial Hacks (Part 1)

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”
– Bruce Lee

Financial hacksWant the quickest and simplest ways to create wealth and abundance? Of course you do! We love “money hacks” that keep us avoid wealth-building obstacles and mistakes, and here are some of our favorites.

We’ve organized some of our favorite shortcuts according to our 7 Principles of Prosperity™, because our 7 Principles are also a way to “hack” a quicker pathway up the Prosperity Mountain!

Prosperity Principle: THINK from a Prosperous Mindset

The quickest and best way to hack your money is to hack your mindset for success! If you want to become a wealthier person, you have to think like a wealthy person. Three ways to hack your mindset:

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Resolutions for a Wealthy New Year

 “Every decision you make takes you one step closer to being wealthy … or one step further away.” – Shay Olivarria

Most people who become wealthy do so as the result of a series of simple yet important decisions that are made and kept, and through consistent habits that support those decisions.

This time of year, we call those decisions “resolutions,” though there is nothing magic about the New Year except our mind’s ability to use it to perceive new possibilities.

Many resolutions, intentions, and goals involve money. It seems almost everyone would like to be in a better financial position, but many people don’t seem to be able to improve their results. Perhaps they are pursuing prosperity in all the wrong ways.

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Family Banking 101

“A Family Bank is a strategy to keep wealth in your family and keep it growingfrom generation to generation.”
– The Family Banking Book (forthcoming)

Piggy bank familyThis strategy has been called “Family Banking,” “Private Family Banking,” the “Private Reserve Strategy,” “Infinite Banking,” “Insurance Banking,” and probably a half-dozen other names too.

By whatever name, what we mean by Family Banking is a method of using permanent, high cash value life insurance policies to build a multi-generational “bank.” This Family Bank grows and safeguards dollars while providing opportunities for family members to participate in growing and/or borrowing against the policies.

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Help Us Bust the Life Insurance Lies!

“…cultural contrarian Kim Butler… (is) like a Joan of Arc crusader separating financial fact from fiction.”
– Steve Savant, host of “Let’s Get Down to Business”

Book Launch: December 20

Our newest book, Busting the Life Insurance Lies, is officially LAUNCHED! I co-authored this book with Jack Burns and James Ransom, and it just might be the most comprehensive book on life insurance available to the public… ever!

Below, we’ll give you the whole scoop on the book, as well as our whole process of writing and publishing the book. But first, we want to help you get a copy… for free!

Want your complimentary copy now?

If you are reading this between December 19 and December 22, 2016, you can download the Kindle version of the book for FREE on! (It will be priced at $3.99 after the promotion ends.)

===>> Get your Kindle ebook copy now!

You can also purchase the book in paperback Amazon.

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The Giving Season: Making the Most of Tax-Deductible Charitable Donations

“Every dollar makes a difference.”
— Michael Bloomberg

People love to give. It feels good. It makes a difference. Research shows that giving makes people happy. It changes lives. And in most cases, it even offers tangible rewards in the form of a tax deduction.

When it comes to charitable donations, how — and how much — do Americans give? Who have emerged as leaders in philanthropy? What tips do you need to know to make sure your philanthropy is tax deductible? And is the small-but-growing trend of using donor-advised funds as a vehicle for charitable giving a fit for you?

Giving in America

Americans gave a record $373 billion dollars in 2015, according to National Philanthropic Trust. And while foundations and corporations played their part, the majority of these donations (about 80%) came from individuals and their bequests.

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The Path to Wealth: 7 Steps to Success in Business and Life

“Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving.”
– May McCarthy

Kate Phillips, our marketing coach/ writer from Total Wealth Coaching who co-authored Financial Planning Has Failed (with P4P’s Kim Butler) was buzzing about a workshop she attended recently with May McCarthy, author of The Path to Wealth. We loved hearing about McCarthy’s gratitude-based success system and asked Kate to share with our readers.

A self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur, May McCarthy credits her success to her daily spiritual practice based on giving gratitude and following her intuition. She says the seven simple daily steps she developed and now teaches others can improve health, transform relationships, and help you accomplish your biggest business goals. If that sounds like a big claim, well, McCarthy is a woman with big results.

May McCarthy has co-founded six profitable companies in industries as diverse as telecommunications, fashion, and healthcare, with the largest growing to $100 million in

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