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Should Seniors Sell Their Life Insurance Policies?

Should you sell your life insurance policy? It all depends on your situation. You might (or might not) have the option with your policy, and it may (or may not) make good sense to sell it.

Even high-profile individuals are selling policies, although the transactions are completely private. In one case, however, the family’s financial troubles had become public, as well as the solutions they sought.

Ed McMahon, the former co-host to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, was a generous celebrity. Gifted with an optimistic personality, a hearty laugh, and decades of career success, McMahon lacked budgeting and financial skills. McMahon lost his health in 2007, then nearly lost his home to foreclosure in 2008 before passing away in 2009 at the age of 86.

According to, he had defaulted on a $4.8 million dollar mortgage to Countrywide. Apparently, not even a celebrity like himself was immune from the foreclosure crisis. In 2008, McMahon appeared on Larry King in a neck brace—the result of a fall that had kept him from working—and addressed the widely-reported news. “If you spend more money than you make, you know what happens.”

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Shop Smart: Holiday Spending Tips and Trends

“Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.”
(Author Unknown)

The holidays are a time for goodwill, meaningful celebrations, and time with the ones you love. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when some people spend more than they intend, often racking up credit card debt or depleting savings. In this article, we’ll examine holiday spending trends for 2018 to get the “what, who, where, and how much” of holiday shopping. Next, we’ll consider smart holiday spending tips to stay on budget and reduce the impact of seasonal shopping. After all—‘tis the season for peace and joy—not stress and regret!

Holiday Spending Trends for 2018

After a sharp dip during the Great Recession, holiday spending has risen fairly steadily. However, according to Gallup polls, seasonal spending still falls short of 2007 pre-recession spending. Let’s look at the statistics:

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The Good News of Gratitude—Happiness, Health and Success!

“Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is the true prosperity.”
– Eckhart Tolle

If you could cultivate one simple habit that can improve nearly every area of your life, would you do it? Gratitude is such a habit, one that impacts your happiness, lowers stress, improves measurable health markers, enriches relationships, and even has a positive effect on business and career. Gratitude and success in life go hand in hand. There is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to gratitude!

Perhaps no other habit can have so great an impact on your well-being with as little as five focused minutes per day. Even better—make gratitude a way of life! In this article, we’ll summarize some key findings of gratitude research, plus give you some tips for cultivating gratitude.

Gratitude Research: Everything Goes Better with Gratitude

We associate gratitude with Thanksgiving: a time of sharing and celebrating all of our blessings, and traditionally, the blessing of the harvest. However, if you focus on gratitude only in November, you have done yourself (and those around you) an enormous disservice!

The science of gratitude is compelling and overwhelming. Over 40 research studies on gratitude show benefits in almost every imaginable part of life! We are grateful for the longer compilation of gratitude research at and the work of gratitude researcher Robert Emmons, which we have drawn on extensively for this article. Here are some of their findings, which include 21 specific ways gratitude makes life great!

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3 Ways a Life Settlement Fund Could Give You More Money in Retirement

As an alternative investment, life settlement funds are gaining popularity with those seeking investment alternatives outside of the stock market. This is no surprise. After all—most retirement plans and 401(k) accounts rely on stock market speculation for gains. As investors grow increasingly wary of stocks running out of steam after a nearly decade-long rally, they are seeking alternatives. In this article, we will look at three ways a life settlement fund can help seniors retire with more money in their pockets.

First, let’s review the definition of a life settlement and a few basics.

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Morning Routines for Productivity and Prosperity!

According to research reported in Business Insider“The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day,” said Henry Ward Beecher, a 19th century American clergyman and abolitionist. 4 Hour Work Week author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss says you must “win the morning to win the day.”

I couldn’t agree more! Starting my day with a consistent, positive routine and mindset sets me up for a successful day—and a successful life filled with gratitude, service, love and prosperity.

Today, I share my own morning routine, as well as the morning habits of people we might look to as roles models. As you read this, consider how your morning routine supports your success—and how could it be improved?

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How to Face Your Biggest Financial Fears

Boo! Halloween can be fun if you enjoy dressing up or seeing others dress up. It’s also a season when some people like to “scare themselves” with scary costumes, movies, Stephen King novels and haunted houses!

The truth is, many people enjoy being temporarily frightened—a phenomenon confirmed by science. Of course, a scary movie or haunted house is just make-believe, and we know it will be over soon. On the other hand, financial fears aren’t so fun—especially if you don’t know how to make them stop!

Your money fears may make you feel like hiding under the bed. But knowing how to face them can help you regain a sense of peace and control. Today, we look at some of the biggest financial fears, and how to deal with them constructively!

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The New Tax Plan Explained

What Do the New Tax Plan Changes Mean for You?

new tax plan explained Two weeks ago, we gave an overview of ways you can reduce your taxes, including some great advice from our friend, tax expert and author Tom Wheelwright. You’ll find that post here: “Slash Your Taxes: Tax Reduction Tips for 2018.” Today, we dive more deeply into the new tax plan — explained in English!

What impact will the tax cuts and revised IRS rules have for you? What does the new tax plan mean for home owners, business owners and investors—especially real estate investors? Will your taxes be lower, or should you change strategy to avoid higher taxes? Let’s find out!

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