Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Nowadays, the subject of adapting to this changing landscape proves to be more relevant than ever. On today’s episode, Kim and Spencer talk about how we can automate finances (as well as other things in our lives) to make our lives easier!

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Idea capture machine

More details from Spencer:

Creating an idea capture machine revolves around having one home base for all your ideas/information.

That home base for me and other who practice this is (it’s a project management platform and free)
Now that we have a home base we need to create the automations so your brain doesn’t have to do the thinking. The automation tool to use is (which is also free)
Now here’s what it looks like: (I’m using an iPhone but this should work for Android as well)
Screenshot Ideas
Whenever you listen to a podcast, audiobook or anything you want to reference back to take a screenshot. Whenever you take a screenshot it will automatically create a card in Trello with that image.
Here’s how to do it:
Text or short ideas
If you have an idea and you want to get it down quick. You can either use Siri or write it down.
Option 1) tell siri “remind me to….”
this will automatically create a new “Reminder” in your iOS.
Option 2) Writer a reminder with the “Reminders” app
Now with IFTTT you set it up so that any new reminder goes to Trello.
Audio Ideas:
If you have an idea that’s a bit longer then I prefer to use Voice Memos and share it to Trello.
I’m also a very big fan of with meetings or for voice memos as it transcribes for you.

Show Notes

  • Innovative thinkers in the world – 0:38
  • Technologically oriented – 1:26
  • Reverse mentorship – 1:44
  • Using Expensify – 2:09
  • An idea-capturing machine- 4:23
  • Automatic reminders on your phone – 5:36
  • The coolest things about podcasts – 5:50
  • The whole life insurance – 6:55
  • Automate saving money as a habit – 7:53
  • If you want good results – 9:23
  • Dividends first in Life Insurance – 10:39
  • Mutual Life Insurance Companies – 11:13
  • Get in touch with Kim Butler – 13:26
  • Kim’s book: Live Your Life Insurance – 14:36

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