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Love Is Prosperity


“Love is a many splendored thing,” and many faces it does have.
Love is an infinite pool from which we can draw—romantic,
or brotherly, sisterly, paternal, even friendly.
There is no end to the love we express, and ways in which
we express it. Love is our legacy, to pass down
from parent to child or mentor to mentee. 
This legacy we leave is the best of us—our own infinite stores
of knowledge, of experience, of the lessons we’ve learned.

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How to Succeed in Unbelievable Times… with Unbelievable Thinking

When the world feels like it’s out of our control, it’s time to look inward. In fact, our first “Principle of Prosperity” is to THINK with a prosperous mindset. (If you want to learn all 7 of our Principles of Prosperity, download our Prosperity Accelerator Pack.) Because no matter what is happening in the world at large, a change of mindset is the most powerful strategy. To THINK is about more than financial strategies (though those are important). The principle also refers to our thoughts around money, and our thoughts about the world. 

In a “post-2020” world, mindset is what propels us forward,  pulls us out of tough scenarios, and creates lasting changes for the better. As Strategic Coach so aptly describes, adversity is an opportunity to develop the “muscles” of our minds.

In other words, challenges are actually an opportunity: an opportunity to become better, more resilient human beings. Never believe that all you can do is survive. It’s time to take a more creative and, more importantly, optimistic approach to life and personal finance. Be a leader in your own life.

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