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-Steve Savant, ireport.cnn.com
Kim D. H. Butler is not a “typical financial planner.” Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC, and a leader in the Prosperity Economics Movement, Kim is recognized as an “Investopedia 100” top influential advisor. She has also authored six ground-breaking financial books, including Busting the Retirement Lies and the Amazon best-seller, Live Your Life Insurance.

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The Prosperity Podcast

Kim Butler and Prosperity Podcast co-host Spencer Shaw help listeners build wealth the Prosperity Economics way! Enjoy short, enlightening discussions about how to get more from money and life using alternative investments, your own life insurance, and the 7 Principles of Prosperity™. Listen to us on:

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Prosperity Lens – Episode 426

P4P426-SQUARE There is nothing permanent except change: Especially in the world today. Spencer and Kim discuss using the prosperity lens in dealing with the changes. They also talked about how adults today can move knowledge to the next generation. Is progress...

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