One size doesn’t fit all; so we work with clients in multiple ways.

Some clients come to us knowing what they want, ready to take action.

Perhaps you’ve been referred by a friend we helped with an alternative investment (outside of the stock market). Or maybe you’ve heard founder Kim D. H. Butler featured as a product expert on The Prosperity Podcast, or in interviews with real estate podcasters, or with the Palm Beach Investment Newsletter.

Others have found us online, or learned of Kim through her myth-busting books on life insurance, retirement, and financial planning.

Investors often come to us for specific help, such as rolling over an IRA into non-correlated investments or generating more cash flow from existing assets with income-producting strategies. We also help many clients with dividend-paying whole life insurance policies–structured to maximize cash value–as a vehicle for storing cash and building capability for additional investments, while increasing estate value.

If you wish to implement a particular strategy or just want to get some questions answered, we can help you move forward quickly. Reach out to us to set up a complimentary appointment or make an inquiry. (We don’t bite and you won’t get a sales pitch, just an opportunity to get your questions answered!)


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