Investments, Settlements, and Returns, oh my!


Tim Wright, of ASR Alternative Investments, joins Todd Strobel on the Prosperity Podcast. They discuss what alternative investments are and their benefits. Tim explains the type of client that would gain the most from life settlements and why they’re similar to owning real estate. Finally, the look at the type of returns to expect within a growing market. Can you make your money more prosperable and less of a gamble outside the stock market? Find out on today’s episode.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:20] Intro

[0:50] What are Alternative Investments and Life Settlements

[3:50] The Ideal Client

[5:04] Comparing Life Settlements to Real Estate

[8:50] Calculating a Rate of Return

[10:52] What to Anticipate as an Investor

[13:20] Explaining Underwriting

[16:21] Whose Market is it?

[18:02] Wrap-Up

[18:37] Your Portfolio Shouldn’t be a Gamble

[20:37] Outro


Life settlements are not ideal for everyone. If you need your money in a year or two, this is not the strategy to invest in. Click To Tweet What if you could invest in real estate, but not have tenants or risk in the market? Life settlements are that asset. Click To Tweet Over the years, life expectancy companies have been aggressive. Now, these same companies have turned to conservative roots. Click To Tweet We are trained and conditioned that traditional investing will get it done. Today is not that time. The market won’t get you where you want. Click To Tweet



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