In both my personal and professional life, I’ve committed to discovering my purpose (with the help of my sister, Tammi Brannan). Through her program, The Blueprint Process, we’ve identified who I am and what I’m about. In other words: my Purpose. 

The reason is so that my business is a reflection of my Purpose—otherwise, who am I serving? Certainly not the people I’m meant to serve: the ones who want and can benefit from my message.

In this process of discovery, we distilled my purpose down to this phrase: “activating lifelong service.”

What Activating Lifelong Service Means to Me

If my Purpose is to activate lifelong service, what I’m really doing is helping people to identify meaning in their lives, so that time is not passing them by. That meaning is different from person to person: service to one person may mean dedicated family time, while to another service may mean volunteer work or time spent on their business.


I encourage lifelong service because I feel that this keeps us young, both mentally and physically. New research suggests that retiring too soon can lead to cognitive decline. Retirement, by definition, means to take out of service. So why would you want to be taken out of service, when that service is meant to be fulfilling? 

As such, I also encourage my team to spend time for themselves, in service of what they love. And so, I’d like to introduce you to my team members.

The Partners for Prosperity Team

Kim Butler

You know what I do at Partners for Prosperity, so I’d like to share with you the work that I do outside of my company. A passion project of mine is doing pro bono financial work with the next generation. To me there are few things more important than raising young adults to be financially literate. High school and college graduates are often unequipped to navigate major financial decisions, and there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. 

In addition to this work, I also find joy in taking care of the alpacas on my farm, gardening, and reading. 

Theresa Sheridan

If you’ve worked with me, you’ve likely spoken with Theresa at some point. Theresa helps onboard new clients and walks them through paperwork and applications. 

In her free time, she volunteers at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center. Animals have always been important to Theresa, and joining the conservation center team gives her a chance to help animals thrive. She’s very active with the conservation center and works a shift every week. In time, she hopes to work more closely with the animals. 

Mimi Klosterman

Mimi is our business manager and helps keep everything and everyone organized. She is a mother of eight and has her entire family involved in their community. When her children were younger, she would take them to local nursing homes to do activities with the residents. 

Now, most of her family is involved with the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary to the air force. This program has helped Mimi and her children give to their community, and learn valuable leadership skills. Not to mention, the program gives children the opportunity to earn a pilot’s license, if they choose. 

Rae Ann Vitense

Rae Ann is another team member who helps with client onboarding. If you haven’t spoken with Theresa, chances are you’ve spoken with Rae Ann. She has already added so much value as a new team member. 

Before Partners for Prosperity, Rae Ann worked at the hospital, and has stayed on PRN to help out when needed. She homeschools her two youngest children, and serves as the secretary on the board of the homeschool co-op. Her “off” time is spent with her grandchildren.

Elizabeth Hagenlocher

Elizabeth is our newest team member, who has taken over for Kate as co-writer for the Partners for Prosperity blog. When she’s not writing for us, she spends much of her time writing her own creative works.

Otherwise, she enjoys volunteering in her community, doing cleanup or helping with fundraisers for local charities and nonprofits. To-date, one of her favorite positions was as the education intern at the Butterfly House in St. Louis. There, she taught children about insects and native plants—something she’s passionate about. 

What Are You In Service Of?

As you can see, the Partners for Prosperity team is very involved in their communities. I’m proud to work with a team who is passionate about their work and their “play.” To me, that is the foundation for lifelong service—finding purpose and passion that drive you. Because when you’re fueled by those principles, you’re likely to be in service to those activities for as long as you can be.

Your interests and passions may change, or even your level of involvement, yet I urge you to seek things that fuel your soul and your purpose. When you do that, other areas of your life will fall into place.
If you’re interested in working with our team on wealth solutions, contact us here or email welcome@partners4prosperity.com. We look forward to helping you!