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We Help Americans Create Wealth Without Wall Street.

Partners for Prosperity, LLC was founded in 1999 by Prosperity Economics Advisor, influential author, and Investopedia 100 advisor Kim D. H. Butler. (To find out more specifically about Kim, click here.)

Partners for Prosperity helps business owners, real estate investors, and other entrepreneurial thinkers tailor strategies to their unique situation.  We help families implement strategies for generational wealth and help investors diversify assets.  We can assist in tax reduction and legacy planning.

Although we help many accredited investors (and have access to investments for accredited investors only), there are no minimums to work with us—just a capability and willingness to save and invest.

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Our Discovery: “Typical Financial Planning is Broken!”

Partners for Prosperity, LLC (P4P) was established because we found the typical financial planning environment to be so constrictive and limiting. Clients are sold a “one size fits all” financial plan that actually makes money less efficient while putting investors at risk of potential losses and increased taxes!

Typical financial planning doesn’t work. While better than nothing, it can give people a false sense of security because it is ultimately based on many half-truths and faulty or unknown assumptions.

Our approach is different, perhaps even revolutionary to some. We call it “Prosperity Economics,” and it’s a model for building safe, sustainable wealth.

Prosperity Economics maximizes what you have, minimizes taxes (not just now, but in the future), and keeps more money in your control. It focuses on cash flow rather than accumulation and it protects wealth rather than subjecting it to constant risk. (For more on how Prosperity Economics works, see our book, Financial Planning Has Failed.)

What is Prosperity Economics?

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We do a lot of things differently at Partners for Prosperity. We don’t want to “manage your assets” or use your money to speculate what the market or the economy might do. We want to empower YOU to:

  • Take back control of your money.
  • Take back control of your thinking by applying the 7 Principles of Prosperity™.
  • Establish your financial foundation by storing cash in safe, tax-advantaged vehicles that can earn 10x the interest banks pay!
  • Build your net worth in investment vehicles that won’t roller-coaster ride with the market.
  • Grow your cash flow while minimizing associated taxes and fees.
  • Discover strategies to “live long and prosper” without ever worrying about running out of money.
We named our business “Partners for Prosperity” because we partner with people to help them build true prosperity.

First, we see ourselves as collaborators with our clients. Secondly, the word ‘prosperity’ refers not only to material wealth, it also describes spiritual wealth, emotional wealth, and all types of abundance.

To us, accumulating cash — in an account you can’t touch or are afraid you’ll deplete — doesn’t equal “prosperity.”

Prosperity is building predictable, sustainable cash flow so that you can live your life fully without being a slave to the whims of the market.
WHO do we work with?

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Our founder Kim D. H. Butler is currently accepting new clients. To check Kim’s availability or to schedule a consultation with her, contact Rae Ann at (877) 889-3981 ext. 108 or raeann@partners4prosperity.com.

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