With Christmas upon us, it’s easy to see
shelves of things we’d like to receive. 
While freedom of money and freedom of time,
means finding enjoyment and feeling sublime, 
let’s remember what holidays are about

While presents under the tree may be nice,
It’s sweeter still to take this advice:
Search for ways to bring joy to your loved ones,
As spreading the giving spirit is more fun
When we think first of what we give out.

Scarce is the mindset that wants only to get,
With little thought to our community’s best.
Yet Prosperous be those who seek giving, 
For they realize this path makes life more forgiving,
And lifts the world out of a selfish bout.

It’s often been said that what you give back,
Returns to you multiplied: positive “payback.”
When seeking to win in this game called life,
Seek to help others win against strife.
Multiple wins-bring multiple more, no doubt.

“There are only two kinds of men among all that live,—
The men that live to get, and the men that get to give.”

—By Elizabeth  P. Hagenlocher, PEM Community Builder
Inspired by “Getters and Givers,” by Amos Russel Wells. Source of the final two lines.