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Should You Liquidate Your 401(k) Early?

“I would blow up the system and restart with something totally different.” – Ted Benna, “father” of the 401(k), as told to MarketWatch.com As investors start to educate themselves about investing, many begin to realize that their 401(k) might not … Continue reading

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Organize Your Finances for Prosperity! (P4P’s Annual Review Checklist)

“Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.” ―Jose Saramago, The Double We often send this checklist out ONLY to our clients, but this year, we are sharing it with all of our readers and subscribers. We hope you find … Continue reading


Money & Life Review: A Film about Money that Aims to Change Your Life

Guest post by Kate Phillips “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” -Abert Einstein Money is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, both in our psyches and … Continue reading

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Financial Protocol: How To Compensate Family Caregivers

LISTEN: Financial Protocol (mp3audio) (9:22 min) Another socio-economic impact of increased longevity is the growing occurrence of children and/or other family members serving as care-givers for aging parents and relatives. The latest statistics from a 2010 report by the National … Continue reading

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Will 75 Become The New 65?

LISTEN: Will 75 become the new 65? (mp3audio) (14:28 min) Perhaps more than any other issue, increased life expectancy has changed the financial metrics of retirement. While newspapers and media pundits attempt to divine the tea leaves of today’s economic … Continue reading

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The Behavioral Nudge to Spend, Built Into the 2011 “Payroll Tax Holiday”

LISTEN: The Behavioral Nudge to Spend (mp3audio) (7:44 min) One of the tax changes negotiated in Congress’ closing session of 2010 was a one-year reduction in the employer’s portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes deducted from workers’ paychecks. Previously, … Continue reading

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Uncertainty Example: The Boss Of the Yankees And His Estate

LISTEN: Uncertainty Example: The Boss Of The Yankees And His Estate (mp3audio) (7:42 min) On December 13, 2010, BTN Research, referencing information from Forbes, published the following news item: “George Steinbrenner, the principal owner of the New York Yankees baseball … Continue reading

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