New Book Announcement – We’re Busting the Financial Planning Lies!

“I am telling you a lie, in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over, until it becomes true.”

– Lady Gaga

Which of the following statements have been repeated again and again until they are blindly accepted as “truth”?

  • “Put as much as possible into your 401k and other qualified plans.”
  • “Use your retirement account to get tax breaks and defer income tax until retirement.”
  • “Life insurance is only useful to protect family breadwinners while they build nest eggs.”
  • “Your home is your best investment.”
  • “You should make extra payments towards your mortgage.”
  • “The stock market produces consistent returns over time that will make you rich.”
  • “Mutual funds are the best and easiest way for most people to invest in the market.”

While some of this advice may keep us out of the poor house, it will never lead to true wealth and PROSPERITY. As you know, there is a better way than giving control of our money to the government, financial institutions, and the whims of the market!

The Prosperity Economics Alternative

As you may know, we don’t recommend a lot of the strategies promoted by “typical” financial planning. We won’t tell you to build a retirement nest egg with mutual funds in your 401k. We’ll never ask you to “buy term and invest the difference” in the stock market. And we’re more likely to advise you to maximize and grow assets you can use and control rather than paying off your mortgage early.

We think out of the box, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients think – and invest – in alternative ways! We call it Prosperity Economics, and it’s a movement that is much, much larger than Partners for Prosperity, Inc.

And today, we are excited to announce the release of a book that is going to spread the message and strategies of the Prosperity Economics Movement even further and wider. The book is Busting the Retirement Lies, and our own Kim D. H. Butler has been the driving force behind it.

The Story Behind the Book

Once a “typical financial planner,” Kim actually left her prestigious CFP designation behind years ago as she grew more and more disillusioned with what the typical financial planning industry told us to think, do and buy. As she described on a recent episode of Guide to Financial Peace Radio, “I was frustrated… I really felt like the public was being misled, and that this idea of financial planning was not helping people deal with their finances… even though that’s what financial planning is supposed to do!”

Feeling that typical financial planning gave people unrealistic expectations and false hope, Kim felt this was a story that needed to not only be told, but shared far and wide. Kim started writing until the 250-page book emerged over time (with a little collaboration from editors and other partners.)

Ultimately, we decided to publish Busting the Financial Planning Lies under the name “Prosperity Economics Movement,” rather than Kim’s name, because it’s not just some tool to promote Partners for Prosperity, Inc. It’s much bigger than that!

We wanted a book that can be used and recommended by ANY forward-thinking financial advisor, insurance or real estate agent, accountant or consumer, regardless of their affiliations. Therefore, we officially turned the Prosperity Economics Movement into a non-profit entity last year so that anyone can use the book to share Prosperity Economics strategies without perceived conflicts of interest.

In short, it’s not about a messenger – it’s about a message that can show many thousands, perhaps even millions of people how to take back control of their thinking and their finances. We want to help as many consumers and investors as possible break free from the lies and half-truths of the financial institutions and “experts.”

We’re thrilled that Tom Wheelright, author of Tax-Free Wealth, and a Rich Dad advisor, wrote the foreword. And we can show interested financial professionals how they can license rights to the book, write their own forward, and “re-brand” it with their name and business name.

Busting the Lies, Telling the Truth

Busting the Financial Planning Lies begins with a story, a metaphor that sets the stage. And then, it details the lies and half-truths of financial planning on almost every imaginable financial topic, demonstrating that wealthy people tend to defy typical advice and strategies.

Best of all, Busting the Financial Planning Lies tells the reader the WHOLE truth about how to achieve sustainable, unshakeable prosperity. The book shows:

  • Why the advice you’ve heard again and again is actually absurd – and how the real wealth-builders of our society operate.
  • The big financial planning lie revealed by the list of Forbes’ wealthiest people.
  • How to insulate wealth from market instabilities and changing government policies.
  • Why accumulation is over-rated, and what trumps even cash.
  • The “key” that turns life insurance from an expense into a wealth-building tool.
  • How the fine print (“projected returns are before taxes and fees”) may literally be costing you a fortune.
  • What works better (and costs less) than making extra payments on your mortgage, if you want to own your home outright.
  • The common thinking that probably has you paying unnecessary taxes
  • Strategies to help you SPEND the money you’ve saved in your later years without running out of it.
  • And much, much more!

Get your copy of Busting the Financial Planning Lies today!

Get all the details and order your own paperback, ebook, or even audio book Busting the Retirement Lies.  Then we’d love to hear your feedback about the book! What aha’s did you have? Comments welcome below.


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