Make a Million-Dollar Resolution (part 2)

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”
― Melody BeattieThe Language of Letting Go

New-Year-financial-goals-2014.jpgAs we started exploring in our Make a Million Dollar Resolution Part 1 post from last week, a resolution that causes us to stop a habit or start a healthy new one can have a tremendous impact on our long-term wealth… even a million-dollar impact!

This week, we explore three more ways a change in course in the way of financial goals can add as much as a million dollars to your bottom line.

Million-Dollar Resolution #3: Get Out of Debt Fast!

Not only is getting out of debt a common New Year’s Resolution, but it has actually replaced owning a home as the New American Dream. (That’s kind of sad, actually….)

This can make a million-dollar difference down the line because once you are out of debt, you can put the money you used to pay towards credit cards or other debts towards savings and investments. Rather than having interest on your debts working against you and draining your bank account, you can put interest to work FOR you as you save and invest.

People who are deep in debt rarely get credit for the discipline it takes to pay hundreds of dollars each and every month to their credit cards, but the fact is, it’s not easy, and it requires discipline. However, if your bills equal your income, it’s impossible to make serious headway against debt, no matter how hard you try.

Perhaps you racked up tens of thousands of dollars of debt during a period of unemployment, illness, or a business failure. Whatever the reason, you are now buried in debt, possibly at a high interest rate with high payments. You may feel like you’re on a treadmill, desperately trying to keep up your head and your credit score above water by not missing payments, but frustrated that the balances hardly budge. Meanwhile, you’re panicked and stressed about money! What to do?

Ready to kick your debt to the curb? If THIS the year YOU vow to get out of debt once and for all, we encourage you to look at the Fiscal Fitness program from Partners 4 Fiscal Fitness. Fiscal Fitness combines what works with credit counseling and debt settlement in a supportive, personalized program that puts you back in the black fast. Best yet, our program builds financial confidence and gives you the skills to stay out of debt permanently!

How much wealth could you build if you could be debt-free in two years, and start saving and investing instead of just run in financial circles? And how much less stress would you experience if consumer debt was in your rear-view mirror? Fiscal Fitness is especially for people with $10,000 or more of consumer debt. Just call 877-865-7111 or email to set up a no-cost consultation to get the details and decide if it’s a fit for your financial goals.

Million-Dollar Resolution #4: Get a Budget and Save More Money

Author David Bach coined the phrase “The Latte Factor” to represent the $20-or-so-per-day that can easily drain from our pockets. A latte and biscotti in the morning, a diet soda and a candy bar at break. One person’s “latte factor” may be comprised of high tech-video games, for someone else, two martinis after work, and for a third, it may be a weekly trip to the mall or spa.

Write Yourself a Reality Check: Don’t think you have a “latte factor”? Try this experiment: Track ALL of your expenses (every penny!) for a month. Chances are, you’ll find LOTS of “money leaks” before your month is even up, plus a great “starting place” for a working budget/spending plan.

Need a budget? Go to  and check out their tools and software. The average user saves about $200 their very first month! is a great (and totally free) resource to track your spending and gain awareness and control of where your cash is going.

How will you use YOUR extra million? If you found ways to save $25 a day ($750 per month) and invested the money at 5% interest, you’ll pass the million dollar mark in your 37th year. No lottery ticket required!

Million-Dollar Resolution #5: Start a Business or Side Income

Another way to earn that million dollars would be to earn a second income through moonlighting, freelancing, or starting a business on the side. What if you could find a way to earn and save an extra $1500 a month, or just $50 a day? Compounded at 8% annually, you’d have an extra million in your 22nd year! (You know, before taxes…)

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have TIME for a second job!” but you’re mistaken if you think you’ve got to put in 20 hours a week or do it all yourself. One way we earn extra income on the side is through our books.  It took some time to write the books (though we use editors and sometimes co-writers who help), but then the sales become passive income. As an added bonus, we get to educate people about Prosperity Economics, and save ourselves time as the books give our clients a “head start” in understanding how the financial strategies work!

Want to earn your million faster? You can! Former furniture salesman and Pakistani immigrant Emran Saiyed cracked the code on how to sell books on Kindle, and ramped his book sales up to $14,000 a month… and he outsourced ALL of the writing! Then Emran quit his job and started the 6 Figure Kindle Club, along with internet marketing mentor Ryan Lee, to show others how to do the same. Now in addition to earning five figures monthly on Kindle, the 6 Figure Kindle Club brings in over $50,000 a month! (We don’t think Emran misses selling furniture on weekends and holidays.)

The possibilities are endless. Maybe a six figure publishing empire isn’t your dream. Perhaps starting a martial arts studio, teaching art classes on, or becoming a marketing consultant is more up your alley. Regardless of what excites you, there is likely a sweet spot where your passions intersect with the needs and desires of others in a monetize-able way.

YOUR Million-Dollar Resolution

It doesn’t matter whether you make your Million-Dollar Resolution in January or June (and actually, resolutions made in late January tend to “stick” better than the ones declared on the first)… It only matters that you

A) Get started and
B) Follow through!

And the secret to both getting started and following through is… SUPPORT! We’re here as your Prosperity Partners, let us know how we can help you add a million dollars to your bottom line, or meet whatever financial goals matter to you. Whether it’s saving money to start a million dollar business, shaving a million dollars off the taxes you’ll pay later in life, or setting up a million dollar life insurance policy, contact us today to get started on your financial goals!


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