Have You Scheduled Your Check-Up?


December 31, 2011 represents the fiscal year-end for individuals and many businesses. In short order, this means collecting financial information, preparing tax returns, and compiling other accounting summaries, such as profit/loss and net worth statements. With this information fresh in your mind and readily accessible, now might also be a good time to schedule a review with your financial professionals

Besides the advantage of starting the year with a renewed understanding of your financial condition, scheduling a review also gives you time to make deliberate decisions about any financial transactions that may need to be executed before April 15th or any other deadline throughout the year.

Start the year right. Get the knowledge you need, update your strategies, and give yourself the best opportunity to prosper in the coming year. Sounds like a resolution! Call or email us if you’d like help as we have an annual checklist as well as our Prosperity Economic Strategies list for 2012.

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  1. Joyce Geary says:

    Do you have a checklist for personal business info? I am renting my house the month of Jan. and when getting it ready I have found my “affairs” are really not in very good order in case of an emergency. I plan to get it organized when I am staying with Dale Johns this month.

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