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AUDIO Special Report (instant download): Creating Your Prosperity with Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Butler (31:08)

In this audio, Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the Rich Dad series, interviews Prosperity Economics advisor Partners for Prosperity’s Kim D. H. Butler. They discuss how a dynamic personal prosperity plan gives you freedom and control of your life. Learn the fundamentals that will make you secure, then comfortable, and ultimately, prosperous.

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AUDIO Special Report (instant download): The Seven Principles of Prosperity™

Partners for Prosperity’s maximization approach to prosperity is based on seven Principles of Prosperity™. These seven principles are your guide to getting more from your dollars. In this audio, Kim Butler describes details about the seven Principles of Prosperity™ that apply to all aspects of life, but especially to money, wealth, and building and protecting your wealth.

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The Seven Principles of Prosperity™ summary sheet

Suitable for display, this one-page summary reinforces the Principles of Prosperity™ in just one glance.

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