Speaking Gratitude Together: The Thanksgiving Reader

“After all the travel and the cooking and the hassle, for these few minutes, perhaps we can all breathe the same air and think hard about what we’re thankful for.”
-Seth Godin

Thanksgiving-ReaderWe follow Seth Godin’s blog and wanted to share his “Thanksgiving Reader” project  with you!

In case you aren’t familiar, Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur and marketing thought leader. He is known for his short daily blog posts read by tens of thousands, his impact on the development of “permission marketing,” and his bestselling books, such as –

  • Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us;
  • Free Prize Inside! The Next Big Marketing Idea;
  • Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?
  • The Dip: A Little Book that Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick); and
  • Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

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Escaping the Tax Deferral Trap, Part 2

“I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States. The only thing is, I could be just as proud for half of the money.”
Arthur Godfrey

Take the Sting out of Taxes with An Innovative Roth Conversion

tax-trap-Roth-conversionLast week in “Escaping the Tax Deferral Trap, Part 1,” we busted the myth that tax-deferred retirement plans save money in the long run. (Not unless taxes go down and/or you earn less in retirement.) We looked at the truth about traditional 401(k)s and IRAs and explored some of the ways you can free your money from a tax-deferred account.

However, there are many situations where it pays to KEEP your dollars in a tax-deferred account, such as: Continue reading

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Getting Into Your Zone (Episode 056)

Be Yourself – and Make Work More Meaningful and Enjoyable!

Today, on the Partners 4 Prosperity Podcast, Todd Strobel chats with Tammi Brannan of Instinctive Life Career Development about attracting more clients and finding your purpose. Todd discusses his time with the Instinctive Life training. Tammi reviews her 8 characteristic questions. Finally, Todd and Tammi examine the benefits behind finding purpose.

If you would like the opportunity for us to answer your question on the show or to be a guest on our show, be sure to keep sending us questions and reach out to us!

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Escaping the Tax Deferral Trap (Part 1)

“The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”
Will Rogers 

Busting the Myth of Tax-Deferred “Savings” 

pay now or pay later sign illustration design

Should you be putting money into tax-deferred accounts or after-tax accounts? It’s a big question every investor must consider.

One way we explain tax deferral is to ask our clients, “Would you rather pay tax on the SEED or pay tax on the HARVEST?” When you invest in after-tax vehicles, you’ve already paid tax on the seed. If you are deferring taxes in a traditional 401(k), IRA or other qualified retirement plan, such as a 403(b), you’ll pay taxes on the harvest. Continue reading

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Dream Trips: 5 Steps to the Vacations You Didn’t Know You Could Afford

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
– Saint Augustine

how to afford a dream tripThis week’s post is a guest post from Kate Phillips of Total Wealth. Kate is our marketing and communications manager and we’ve missed her while she’s been taking her dream trip!

How to Enjoy Awesome Vacations (without breaking your budget!)

I just returned from a FABULOUS 2-week vacation, enjoying Italy’s stunning southern coast on “The Ultimate Sorrento and Amalfi Coast Tour,” a small-group tour with Adventure On Italy. Truly my dream trip to Southern Italy, it was full of highlights I will never forget:

  • Exploring the medieval Arogonese Castle (Castello Arogonese) on the island of Ischia;
  • Spending a day at Pompeii and Herculaneum with our own guide;
  • Sitting in on a concert rehearsal at La Mortello Gardens;
  • Hiking “The Path of the Gods” (Sentiero Degli Dei) from Positano, with stunning views from the cliffs above Mediterranean Sea;
  • Touring the Cathedral and sampling Limoncello at Amalfi;
  • Viewing an amazing photography exhibit at the Villa Ruffalo at Ravello;
  • Exploring the island of Capri in a convertible and taking a chairlift to enjoy “top of the island” views;
  • Discovering my favorite shops and a fascinating museum in skinny back streets of Sorrento;
  • Enjoying a cooking class with a highly skilled and entertaining Italian chef.

Path-Positano-viewAs an added bonus, this trip was also the first time I enjoyed letting someone ELSE plan and arrange my accommodations and travel (except my flights and travel before and after the tour). This was especially a treat as travel planning can consume many hours (especially with my research-heavy tendencies!)

You might say I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, as I’ve also traveled to Hawaii, Grand Cayman, and Puerto Aventuras, Mexico recently. Looking at my travel itinerary, you might think that I’m in a different income bracket than I actually am! But travel doesn’t need to “break the bank.” I believe that almost anyone can make travel a part of their life experience. And why shouldn’t we? Travel enriches our lives, stimulates our minds as well as our senses, and nourishes our souls. Continue reading

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Financial Leaks (Episode 055)

Avoiding Fees to Use Your Money

P4P055-FinancialLeaksThis episode of the Partners 4 Prosperity podcast focuses on the financial leaks that build up if we don’t pay attention to our bank statements. Todd Strobel and Kim D.H. Butler discuss multiple ways to avoid allowing the fees and charges to build up. Finally, Kim explains how a specialized, separate account can help your money flow to more prosperous opportunities instead of going towards needless bank fees.

In the beginning of the podcast, Kim and Todd discuss The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors and also the importance of transparency.
If you would like the opportunity for us to answer your question on the show or to be a guest on our show, be sure to keep sending us questions and reach out to us!

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Velocitizing Your Vocabulary (Episode 054)

Words to Navigate the Financial World

P4P054-VelocitizingYourVocabularyTodd Strobel and Kim D.H. Butler examine your vocabulary and explain the power in words. Today, Kim breaks down several ways to adjust your vocabulary to create more positive outcomes. Todd looks into the way we feed our brains. Finally, they compare trains of thought to better understand the words we attribute to different phrases in the financial world.

If you would like the opportunity for us to answer your question on the show or to be a guest on our show, be sure to keep sending us questions and reach out to us!

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