Our Approach and the P4P Prosperity Pathway™

We work with our clients in multiple ways.

Some clients come to us knowing what they want, ready to take action. Perhaps they’ve been referred by a friend we helped with an alternative investment (outside of the stock market). Or maybe they’ve heard Kim Butler‘s interviews with the Palm Beach Letter and Palm Beach Wealth Builder Club and they want to set up an “Income for Life” cash value account.

If this describes you, we can help you move towards your goals today. Just contact us to set up an initial complementary appointment.

Others come to us for comprehensive advising. They may want to do an in-depth exploration of their personal economy, or they may not know what they really want! For these clients, we offer the Prosperity Pathway™, our proprietary Prosperity Economics program.

The Prosperity Pathway™ is a five-session, fee-based, proprietary process that will help you discover and apply the Principles of Prosperity to your life and finances. 

Designed to help you expand your personal economy, the Prosperity Pathway™ allows clients to evaluate and choose financial strategies that best serve them with confidence. The focus of the program is to enhance your cash flow, ensure your economic protection, and help you fully implement strategies that lead to accelerated prosperity.

Based on P4P’s 7 Principles of Prosperity™, this program combines education with strategies and step-by-step implementation guidance to help you realize your maximum prosperity potential. Following the steps of the Prosperity Pathway™ we strive to help you make each of your dollars do many jobs as opposed to doing only one job.

Throughout the five steps of the journey, you’ll explore how to:

  • Learn and integrate the principles of prosperous thinking,
    being and doing.
  • Establish the baseline of your current personal economy.
  • See your economy from a macro-economic point of view.
  • Measure and recover “lost opportunity cost.”
  • Execute strategies for controlling your assets.
  • Implement velocity of money multiplier methods.

These are the five steps of the Prosperity Pathway™:

Step 1 – Explore:

Explore the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ and learn how applying these principles can accelerate your abundance with certainty by giving you an “opportunity filter”; this filter helps you to measure financial steps you are considering taking, in order to determine if they are a good match.

Step 2 – Envision:

Benefit from our Prosperity Profile™ tool, which gives you a macro-economic view of your current personal economy. This baseline serves as your prosperity global positioning system. With this as the starting point, the goal is to equip you to apply the 7 Principles to every dollar you have laid out on the Profile™, so you can increase its efficiency.

Step 3 – Embark:

Building on discoveries from Steps One and Two, take ACTION to improve your economy by implementing strategies that are designed to enhance how your money works for you. To further improve your financial confidence, we’ll help you to understand if a recommended strategy makes sense, numerically and objectively, using our Truth Concepts™ software.

Step 4 – Execute:

Use the Prosperity Principles™ to choose financial products that complement ones you may already have, so that you get a chance to see how each of your dollars can work many jobs at the same time.

Step 5 – Expand:

As you gain experience in applying the Prosperity Principles™ to your personal economy, your financial confidence should increase, your view of possible investments expands, and your ability to recognize opportunities to improve your economy sharpens.

Now that you are familiar with the five main steps of the Prosperity Pathway™, click here to learn details about the P4P Prosperity Pathway™